View Full Version : [ubuntu] Canonical Landscape - thoughts on features, support and licencing

August 13th, 2012, 09:47 PM

I privately run a couple of servers with a couple of more virtual machines on the two. I recently tried ubuntu landscape which I really loved except that the software updates seem to not always work. Not a big deal for me right now since I will probably want to do it manually for now.

I do feel one obvious and hugely useful feature is missing: custom alerts! I love the custom graphs that lets me monitoring everything I can output from a shell script - so basically everything. It seems it wouldn't be too much effort to implement custom alerts when a monitoring script hits a certain threshold - e.g. temperature above 60 degrees, Raid status goes from 1 to 0 etc.

On a side note having SMS notification (for other thresholds than email notifications) would be sweet :) Also alerting to more than one e-mail would be useful.

Next part of the experience was going to the ubuntu sales team and I quickly got lost in the different products offered. I was expecting something to continue the trial for monitoring a maximum of 5 servers but I could not find that (it seems I would have to buy 5 times the base price to monitor my 2 HW servers and 3 virtual machines - seems a little steep) so I thought I would ask the sales team.

No luck at all here I'm afraid - it's completely focused at businesses and I couldnt even ask a question without answering a whole bunch of questions that have no answer since I'm not making a request as a business - I am asking it as a person - I did not expect canonical to have this restrictive a form to ask a simple question.

This brings me to my next question - are there no licencing options for me? A hobby server admin who want's to make my life easier with automated monitoring and support Ubuntu/Canonical at the same time?!

Just for the sake of throwing it out there, here are some examples of my thoughts on what I would pay for:

Scenario 1. I can monitor my 5 server instances with "Ubuntu Advantage Essential Server" and the custom alerts feature was added - I would buy it straight away!

Scenario 2. I need a licence "Ubuntu Advantage Essential Server" each server, virtual or no. I would probably consider getting two licences to monitor my HW installations but for that kind of cash, I probably wouldn't feel I could spend that much unless there was also SMS alerts...