View Full Version : [all variants] Custom ISO with Burg?

August 13th, 2012, 06:48 AM
I've got a Lenovo B570 that runs Ubuntu very well...
That is after I replaced the wifi card and installed an SSD...
Anyhow, my issue is this:
Any time I've had to reinstall (I prefer doing full installs over OS upgrades), I've had to sit there and wait for the install to complete, then use a live CD to chroot in and install Burg manually. The laptop uses a badly coded UEFI and either Grub2's UEFI implementation is spotty or Ubuntu is not installing the UEFI version. I've heard that it works fine if you set up a EFI partition but even this proves to be a headache.

As Burg works without any issues, is there any way to customize any Ubuntu derivative ISO to include and automatically install Burg instead of Grub2?