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August 12th, 2012, 04:13 PM

I feel like I'm the only person who actually seems to like and use unity on the planet? Anyhow there is one thing that I still dislike and hope will be changed in the future. That being switching between windows of the same process. I know there are keyboard shortcuts to do this but I'd prefer the double clicking the icon in the launcher method.

In particular I'm wanting to stop the animations that play after double clicking the icon in the launcher and when selecting the window you want to bring up. So after clicking the icon you would straight away be seeing the previews of each window and after selecting the preview you would instantly have that window up in front of you making the process much snappier.

I've looked in compiz settings manager but are unable to find anything relating to such. Can it be configured?

Jay MC
August 12th, 2012, 04:39 PM
I love Unity too :) but the down side is it isn't very configurable. I'm not aware of any way to disable/speed up/slow down the animations.

My own bugbear with Unity's launcher is that I'd like it to always do the same thing when I click on an app that has multiple instances open.

At the minute, it either goes to the instance I was last using, or shows me all instances so I can pick the one I want.

Might be idiosyncratic of me, but I'd prefer it to always show all, rather than guessing which I want. Maybe I have an unusual way of working, but when it takes me to the instance I was last using, it's almost never the one I wanted!

August 13th, 2012, 06:56 PM
I am trying to understand what the issue is. I have been using Unity since it first came out. I like it also. I wonder? What version of Ubuntu are you using? Great improvements were made to Unity in 12.04 and are still being made in 12.10. I do not see your problem in either 12.04 or 12.10.

Everyday, I run two or more Libreoffice Writer application windows and I can one-click the Writer icon in the Launcher and I am presented with small scale previews of all the application windows any of which I can select with one click and that window becomes my active window.

As for the animations of the icons in the Launcher, I can use Compiz Configuration Settings Manager>Ubuntu Unity Plugin>Experimental tab to set the Launch Animation to Pulse, Blink or None.

Personally I use the Behaviour tab to set the Launcher to Autohide and it gets out of the way so quickly that I do not notice any animations.

As regards the comment made by Jay MC, I notice that when I am in the same workspace that has the multiple application windows open and I click the Launcher icon I get the spread effect of the application windows.

But when I am in another workspace and I click the application icon, the workspace changes and I am at the last window I was working in. That seem to me to be a logical way to do things.


August 14th, 2012, 06:03 AM
Personally,what i think is that there should be a small <div> sort of thing popping up near the launcher icon when user clicks on an icon in launcher of which multiple instances are already running.
That div should give a list of the instance names opened for that application.
Currently,the small scale previews are at the window center,and the user has to hover the mouse from the launcher to window center to select one of the applications.This,i feel,slows the user work.
This is mere a suggestion as i feel that the small scale previews should be made optional.