View Full Version : [kde] KDE issues

August 11th, 2012, 03:27 AM
Hi guys,

Hopefully someone can help me out. I have Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit installed but was not a fan of unity at all so started to look around for alternatives and came across this http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-alternatives-unity-ubuntu-users-linux/

I decided to install KDE via the link provided and am quite happy with the desktop environment. I say relatively because while i am a fan of the look and feel of KDE i am having a few frustration issues.

1. If i do an update from the Muon update manager it breaks the shutdown/restart/log out options from the launcher menu and it also stops muon from working as when ever i try to do an update i get some sort of error because i am no longer given a pop-up to select an admin account and enter my password.

2. I use banshee for all of my music but when running it in KDE it crashes every time i click on certain folders town the side of the screen.

i know there are other little issued i have every now and then but cannot remember what they are at the moment.

I guess I'm wondering if this is a problem because i have installed KDE via that link? and how do i fix it?