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August 9th, 2012, 05:21 AM
Greetings !

I started with a Windows 7 machine and wanted to have Ubuntu as well.
I used the "Install Side by Side" option to install 9.10. So I had a dual boot system (ubuntu 9.10 and Windows 7) with Grub Loader.

After this point, I got a "black screen" when I boot into ubuntu, because of the display driver incompatibility, specific to my laptop (lenovo g550).

I did not bother to fix the issue, because I had to get going. I used Wubi to install 9.04 inside windows, which worked well.

Now I want to upgrade my ubuntu to 10.04. I want to do a fresh install of 10.04 over the 9.10 (which is not working).

How can I do this ? I want to do this without losing anything on any of the partitions (windows 7 or Ubuntu 9.04) except the one on which the 9.10 is installed.

Thanks for any help.

August 9th, 2012, 05:53 AM
Welcome to the forums.

You will need to use manual install or something else. It will give you the option to choose which partitions to use for what / (root), /home and it swap exists it should automatically find it. You also have to specify format usually ext4 for / and /home if you have it. If you have /home but want to save the data DO NOT check format on /home.

You also can from liveCD use gparted and just delete the / & swap partitions and then let is install side by side to the unallocated space.


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