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August 7th, 2012, 06:38 PM
this is the first time i have tried setting up a server
mainly i want it to stream movies to my t.v and backup my photos and general data

i installed server with ssh to a 16gb usb stick i also have 2x 2tb drives connected t mainboard after logging in i set up dns and mediatomb at this point i noticed the 2tb drives were not been reconized i searched the net and found i had to alter /etc/fstab one drive had films from my windows machine on it and the other was a new drive
everything working fine with mediatomb dns ect...
my problems is while configing the dns it was saying about having a valid email address root.domain.lan. other example was hostmaster.domian.lan.

do i have to set up a email server to recieve messages to root?
i did a search but didnt find much execpt that the messages are ment to go into /var/mail/root
but theres no folders in /var/mail/ is this because i havnt set up an email server yet?

please help
thx monty...