View Full Version : What makes Linux a better programming platform than Windows?

August 7th, 2012, 01:27 AM
Hey everyone! As soon as I heard about Steam coming to Linux (with games like Left 4 Dead 2), I decided that I want to give Ubuntu another go by setting up an Ubuntu 12.04 partition. I have been playing around with it and so far, there are things I love about it, and things that I haven't quite yet grasped. I'll start with the things I love about it:

It offers deep customization for its already aesthetically-pleasing interface.
It's much safer than Windows thanks to the Superuser permissions system.
FREE 5GB cloud storage (not too shabby!)
It's faster (it doesn't let its sexiness slow it down)
It's free!
It's open-source!

I have already updated all my drivers to the latest (including the missing codecs and stuff), installed some apps (VLC player, DOSbox, Skype, mupen64plus, etc), and customized it a bit (I'm thinking of getting Gnome)

However, there's something that I need insight for from people who are more experienced with Ubuntu:

What exactly makes Linux a better programming platform than Windows? I'm 17 (a senior in high school starting September), and I want to use Ubuntu to learn a few programming languages, and eventually write my own applications and/or games (if I don't come up with anything right off the bat, then at least the knowledge will look good on a resume).

Any insight would be appreciated :D
Thanks in advance!