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August 4th, 2012, 05:37 AM
Hello Forum people,

I am looking into making game commentaries using Ubuntu. I've heard that you can use Pulseaudio to record all the noise that comes out of your computer. I have tried "unsuccessfully" to do so. So... What I want to accomplish: be able to record in-game noise and record mic audio. I'm using Kazam for in-game footage.

Edit: Somewhat solved. I've noticed that I have to show "All Input Devices" and then unmute the Monitor of the Built in
Audio. But, now I have the problem of being able to record computer output and mic input.

Final Edit: SOLVED! My solution: I changed the input device to "All Input Devices" and then un-muted the Monitor of the Built in Audio. I then used "Sound Recorder" to record the computer sound output (because it needs little editing) and used Audacity to record the mic. I changed the sources that they were recording from Pulseaudio.