View Full Version : [ubuntu] Attempting to mount Empty RAID partition to /var

July 28th, 2012, 01:26 AM
So I've successfully mounted my own partitions /md0p1, /md0p3 to folders I've created in the root (i.e. /srv or /backup). I've also edited fstab accordingly. All that is tested and done.

Now, how would I go about mounting /var from /dev/md0p2? I can get it mounted as /var2, but I simply cannot get it to mount successfully as /var. By that I mean when I'm in the live CD, edit fstab so it looks like:

/dev/md0p2 /var ext4 defaults 0 2I've also tried

/dev/md0p2 /var ext4 defaults 0 0
/dev/md0p2 /var ext4 rw 0 0
Instead of taking me to the defaunt Ubuntu Unity login screen, it gives me a tty1.