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July 22nd, 2012, 03:15 AM
http://ompldr.org/tZXRuZQ (http://pingofy.me)

I seek to organize a great number of people in a collective and global effort to tell the world about Linux by meeting up in person, showing a demo, installing it for them if they’re interested, and also get them started. You are needed. As simple as that.

The Linux community has a strong presence online for those of us that can manage to find it and decipher it. There are forums, newsgroups, irc, mailinglists, man-pages, releasparties, conventions and a plethora of other things that makes us come together, meet others and also share with each other. While all that is good there is something lacking: A project that shares with the common people, the average Joe, people that are interested in tech but not to the degree where they dare venture on their own. There is a category of people that is indeed a part of the average Joes that have an interest in Linux but that feel unsafe following up on it. Why? Because the neighbors kid that is the computer expert on the block and runs Windows or Apple OS said that Linux was hard or non-functional, because they don’t know how to proceed or feel uncomfortable doing so without having a computer expert to go to for a talk. Because they are afraid they will do something bad with their computer and lose all their data.

Pingofy tries to remedy that. We want to give a demonstrations of how Linux can work on people’s desktop/laptop. To actually take the time to meet people live, have a talk, answer their questions face to face and show them what they’re interested in. In addition we offer to install Linux on people’s computers if they ask us to do so and after giving them full info of what that entails. Lastly, we also follow up on the ones that we pingofied by offering two weeks of support. That is what we’re aspiring to do.

While we will also actively promote Linux our primary goal is not to act as a PR agency, do advertisement, try to “talk people in to” start using Linux or try to replace any of the hundreds of sites and channels that already give Linux-related support. Our mission is just to demo, install and setup. Hopefully we will get a lot of opportunities to co-work with many of the other groups out there that excel at what they do.

As you will surely notice this site is still under heavy construction. It hasn’t been proofread yet, much of the text will change, and some parts have still not been written yet. Our goal is to turn you into a participant of this project, in any way you want. You don’t need to have a special skill set – are are welcome, as long as you are at least 20 years old (yups, sorry kids, we’re old bastards here ; ) and feel comfortable working with Linux. Here are a few examples of people we need:

Helpers: People that want to demo Linux and install it in their area. We need you regardless of where you reside, as we strive to become global.

Proofreaders: English/american is your native lingo.

3d and/or Animators: We need really cool and good looking videos/animations for this project, promoting it.

Screencasters: We need a coupe of super-nice looking desktops to show of basic everyday functionalities in tutorialish manners in HD (ffmpeg knows how to). Short stuff, but pro-looking.

PHP-coders: There’s probably something cool you can do for this project.

WordPress Template Tinkerers: Minor adjustments are always needed.

PHPbb Template Tinkerers: Heavy adjustments are always needed.