View Full Version : [ubuntu] Mythbuntu Control Centre stuck on 0.23

July 13th, 2012, 04:24 AM
I have a secondary backend which running on Lucid connecting to a Mint Maya master backend.
They are both running 0.25. I had to compile the Lucid box from scratch as the repositories for lucid only have 0.23 fixes.

After installing 0.25 on the lucid slave, I then installed Mythbuntu Control Centre. MCC shows no backend or frontend role. If I activate MCC Secondary backend and Desktop frontend it will install 0.23 +fixes.

Mythbuntu Control Centre is stuck on 0.23 +fixes, how can I get it to look for 0.25 ?

My reason for having this setup is the Hauppauge 2200 card I have will only work on earlier SAA drivers, it refuses to work with the NXP driver, so Lucid is my only option.