View Full Version : [all variants] dosemu copy/paste

July 9th, 2012, 04:46 AM
I've been using dosbox to run some old dos programs. It works GREAT, except that I can not copy and paste text between the dosbox and linux.

So I decided to try dosemu because I found some threads saying that it would handle copy/paste. dosemu installed perfectly, and runs my old programs just fine. It also allows me to highlight text. BUT, I STILL can't get it to copy or paste. ctrl-c actually kills the dosemu terminal. rightclick menu doesn't bring anything up. I looked through the dosemu documentation and couldn't find anything about how to copy and paste.

So, does anyone know how to copy text from linux and paste it into a dosemu window, and how to copy text from the dosemu window and paste it back into linux?

thanks in advance for any help!