View Full Version : [ubuntu] iPod Problems

capos and candy
July 8th, 2012, 12:14 AM
Hi ya'll-

I've been using Ubuntu for a few months now, but don't really do anything too special with it, and haven't used the terminal before. I've been wanting to set up my iPod to work with Rhythmbox and I am having a ton of problems. Hope someone can help me out. Here's what I did:

1. Started up Rhythmbox, plugged in iPod and imported the music from the iPod into Rhythmbox. Spent several hours organizing everything. When I unplugged the iPod music was no longer in Rhythmbox. When I plugged the iPod back in, music showed back up. I don't want the iPod to be used as a hard drive - I want to actually have the music on my laptop. I thought that importing the music would do that, but I guess it only imported the music into the program, not onto my computer. How can I do that?

2. Unplugged iPod again. Plugged it back in, and iPod is not recognized by the computer. Not showing up in folders or in Rhythmbox. Can't do anything if the iPod isn't being recognized. Annoyed because it was working fine before, and I had plugged it in and unplugged it several times, and it was working fine, and now it is not. Any ideas? Tried restarting the iPod, restarting the computer, plugging the iPod into another computer.

Hope someone can help me out - must have spent eight hours this weekend organizing my library.