View Full Version : [ubuntu] Radeon 6670

July 7th, 2012, 12:44 AM
I'm ordering a new desktop, and I need quick info on the best (read "NO PROBLEMS") video card that is decent.

This is the initial install, I'm not replacing another card. I prefer to use open source drivers, but closed source would be ok if I can install with no problems from scratch. If the drivers are closed source, how do I put those in during first install - new 12.04 64 bit install? Would I simply get no display if extra drivers are needed? Or will it default to basic display, and tell me what to do, Or??

Right now Radeon 6670 with 1GB is on the list. I'm not sure exactly which one. I have a few days to change that to whatever is best if I need to, even a completely different one by any manufacturer.

I need decent graphics, but it doesn't really need to be game level. I may play some low level games, but nothing that requires high level stuff. And if I have to give up some graphics performance to be SURE it will work, that's fine. I won't worry about zapaction games that look a bit fuzzy.

So if this one isn't among the best to be SURE it will work with 12.04 with no tweaking, for mid-level to somewhat better than mid-level graphics, which one is?

I don't have a favorite manufacturer or brand, except what works with NO PROBLEMS.