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July 2nd, 2012, 09:10 PM

First, sorry for my english...

Second, thanks to try to understand me.

Well, I try to do a program where there are a Gtk::ComboBoxText with the name of different people and a Gtk::Grid where different Gtk::Button. The Button(s) depends the person's schedule selected at ComboBox.

ComboBoxText and Grid are designed in glade file, but Button are created when program is running, I create them in a function that is called when the combobox signal changed is throw.

At the first ejecution the program run successfully, but when I change the person in combobox, the new buttons appear but the old buttons don't disappear.
The function has this structure:

//First, I (try to) remove all button in grid
if (num_boton_hora > 0) // num_boton_hora is a integer with the number of button created previously
for(int j=0; j< num_boton_hora; j++){
boton_hora[j]->hide(); / /Don't have any error, but don't work like I want
delete boton_hora[j];

delete[] boton_hora;
num_boton_hora = 0;

// connect to database
num_boton_hora = ... // the number of rows in select statement
// Create button news
boton_hora= new Gtk::Button*[num_boton_hora];
boton_hora[i]= Gtk::manage(new Gtk::Button(texto));
// Add buttons into grid
hora->attach(*boton_hora[i],dia,hora_dia,1,1); // hora is a pointer of Gtk::Grid



I try several things remove, delete,... but I don't make that I want...