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July 2nd, 2012, 04:15 AM
07:52:35 PM) The topic for #ubuntu-tt is: http://ubuntu-tt.org, Developing Ubuntu in Trinidad and Tobago
(07:53:14 PM) trinikrono: yo
(07:53:22 PM) trinikrono: whos around for the meeting
(07:53:27 PM) trinikrono: metasansana: ?
(08:00:53 PM) trinichica [be06ed84@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(08:03:58 PM) kester_: I'm present
(08:03:58 PM) trinichica: GOD's night everyone
(08:04:23 PM) trinikrono: aha some people
(08:04:27 PM) trinikrono: thats nice
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(08:10:34 PM) Augustine [ba2d0195@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(08:11:07 PM) Augustine: Good evening.
(08:11:27 PM) trinichica: Hi
(08:11:58 PM) trinikrono: thats one
(08:13:04 PM) kester_: Hi guys
(08:13:58 PM) kester_: Heard there was gonna be some serious discussions? :?
(08:14:15 PM) trinikrono: really
(08:14:26 PM) trinikrono: what you had on your mind kester
(08:14:31 PM) kester_: something about a library?
(08:14:48 PM) kester_: well nothing in particular, I just wanted to know what it was about.
(08:14:48 PM) trinikrono: i am waiting on kofi for that
(08:15:03 PM) trinikrono: but we want to do a weekly event
(08:15:19 PM) trinikrono: where we showcase ubuntu to the publics
(08:15:38 PM) kester_: That sounds pretty good actually
(08:15:39 PM) trinikrono: maybe give some tutorials on how to do things
(08:15:56 PM) trinikrono: its just something me and kofi come up with
(08:16:10 PM) trinikrono: kester_: are you from south trini?
(08:16:25 PM) kester_: more or less, central to be specific
(08:16:58 PM) trinikrono: yes we have people from there aswell
(08:17:17 PM) trinikrono: what do you do with ubuntu kester_?
(08:17:29 PM) trinikrono: like as a hobby or would you use it to work
(08:17:30 PM) Augustine: Who is your target audience, Kurt?
(08:17:30 PM) Minenorin [be3ac5b0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(08:17:30 PM) Minenorin: Meow~
(08:17:37 PM) trinikrono: hey Minenorin
(08:17:50 PM) trinikrono: anyone who would listen Augustine
(08:17:55 PM) Minenorin: Sup kobaka :P
(08:18:06 PM) trinikrono: its just to preach the gospel of ubuntu
(08:18:22 PM) kester_: Well personally trinikrono I use ubuntu to for more or less all of my activities at home
(08:18:31 PM) reavengrey [be3ab979@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(08:18:33 PM) kester_: So it's pretty much the dominant OS on my end
(08:18:36 PM) trinikrono: :D
(08:18:42 PM) reavengrey: huehuehue
(08:18:43 PM) trinikrono: reavengrey: you showed!
(08:18:46 PM) trinikrono: o/
(08:18:58 PM) reavengrey: yea, sorry I'm late
(08:19:04 PM) trinikrono: well nice to see you here kester_
(08:19:13 PM) palladin35y [~palladin3@] entered the room.
(08:19:19 PM) reavengrey: kester = kes henry?
(08:19:21 PM) kester_: Nice to be here at last, finally got the time!
(08:19:22 PM) trinikrono: we are doing all sorts of things with ubuntu
(08:19:22 PM) Minenorin: Ah its a mish mash of android/windows at my place
(08:19:34 PM) kester_: yeah, its me reavengrey
(08:19:34 PM) reavengrey: nice :)
(08:19:38 PM) reavengrey: <-- kofi ]o/
(08:19:44 PM) reavengrey: * \o/
(08:20:01 PM) trinikrono: kester_: would you be willing to host ubuntu events in chag
(08:20:11 PM) trinikrono: Minenorin: will help you lol
(08:20:38 PM) locodir-user [be53aeb0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(08:20:38 PM) kester_: haha yo bro!
(08:20:38 PM) Minenorin: Haha seriously!
(08:20:38 PM) Minenorin: Hey kofi!
(08:20:38 PM) reavengrey: Yo :)
(08:20:38 PM) reavengrey: Reniel?
(08:20:38 PM) Minenorin: Brr?
(08:20:38 PM) reavengrey: Gimme a name to work with lol
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(08:20:38 PM) palladin35y: hello peeps
(08:20:39 PM) kester_: Hey man
(08:20:45 PM) Minenorin: haha its Anaala XD
(08:20:55 PM) Minenorin: heya pally
(08:21:01 PM) allan_ [be53aeb0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(08:21:02 PM) trinikrono: yo palladin35y
(08:21:05 PM) reavengrey: -.-
(08:21:13 PM) trinikrono: :D i see you showed
(08:21:13 PM) Minenorin: oh sureeeee :P
(08:21:19 PM) palladin35y: hey what up
(08:21:23 PM) reavengrey: Ohhhhhb snap
(08:21:29 PM) Minenorin: i'll help nooo problemo
(08:21:31 PM) Augustine: Market the benefits of Ubuntu, to the target audience.
(08:21:36 PM) reavengrey is now known as Kofi_Atuah
(08:21:37 PM) palladin35y: yeah
(08:21:40 PM) allan_: hello all, ay kes check wesley bout work
(08:21:41 PM) Kofi_Atuah: Name stuff easier
(08:21:59 PM) Minenorin: Yep.
(08:22:05 PM) kester_: Will do allan!
(08:22:27 PM) palladin35y: allan as himself lol
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(08:22:34 PM) metasansana [~master@unaffiliated/metasansana] entered the room.
(08:22:34 PM) Minenorin: heh
(08:22:42 PM) allan_: So whts this MKTG stuff about sorry I am late got invi 3 mins ago
(08:22:50 PM) trinikrono: ah and there is metasansana
(08:22:52 PM) trinikrono: o/
(08:23:00 PM) trinikrono: so i think that is everyone
(08:23:26 PM) trinikrono: i wonder if rellon will show up
(08:23:58 PM) Minenorin: I'd love to know that myself
(08:23:58 PM) Kofi_Atuah: Kk, soooo meeting begin!
(08:23:58 PM) palladin35y: why are we all here
(08:23:58 PM) Kofi_Atuah: agenda etc
(08:23:58 PM) ***Kofi_Atuah fades into bg
(08:23:58 PM) allan_: lol "palladin"
(08:24:01 PM) Minenorin: Go kobaka!
(08:24:17 PM) trinikrono: me
(08:24:22 PM) Minenorin: Probably, you just caught me by chance anyway :P
(08:24:38 PM) Minenorin: so what's the topic for this week?
(08:24:47 PM) trinikrono: as i was saying we can discuss what we plan to do to help ubuntu with eachother
(08:25:13 PM) trinikrono: for instance we have allan_ here who can host ubuntu hours
(08:25:44 PM) trinikrono: and we and Kofi_Atuah are working on something with the libary to showcase ubuntu
(08:25:50 PM) trinikrono: *me
(08:26:14 PM) kester_: A library showcase.that sounds pretty decent
(08:26:18 PM) Minenorin: yep
(08:26:26 PM) allan_: sounds irie
(08:26:48 PM) trinikrono: yes i think it will be a good place to get ubuntu out there
(08:27:19 PM) palladin35y: lol
(08:27:20 PM) Kofi_Atuah: Yesh
(08:27:20 PM) Kofi_Atuah: See, I was thinking
(08:27:20 PM) Kofi_Atuah: ...
(08:27:20 PM) Kofi_Atuah: Right, lol so yea
(08:27:20 PM) Kofi_Atuah: And that is how the cookie crumbles huehehue
(08:27:20 PM) Minenorin: lordddd XD
(08:27:20 PM) palladin35y: yeah
(08:28:13 PM) allan_: yes we are on the same page.....get the would be users and keep em interested with ubuntu toys
(08:28:27 PM) Augustine: We going about it wrong. If we want people to adopt Ubuntu, we must state its benefits.
(08:28:27 PM) ***Kofi_Atuah 's theme for the whole thing
(08:28:37 PM) Kofi_Atuah: will be more about unix, development
(08:28:39 PM) Kofi_Atuah: and stuff like that
(08:28:44 PM) Kofi_Atuah: I'm not very good with ubuntu
(08:28:55 PM) Kofi_Atuah: or linux itself, all I'm good with is code
(08:28:55 PM) kester_: development? for the general public's use?
(08:28:55 PM) Kofi_Atuah: if it's left to me
(08:28:56 PM) Kofi_Atuah: alone
(08:29:07 PM) Kofi_Atuah: I will just go my own path with stuff like C
(08:29:08 PM) Kofi_Atuah: etc
(08:29:11 PM) trinikrono: lol Kofi_Atuah
(08:29:23 PM) trinikrono: keep it simple for now
(08:29:24 PM) Kofi_Atuah: <-- doesn't know much about linux to do classes on a distro xD
(08:29:36 PM) allan_: but this is group is ubuntu centric the unix thing is for ttlug
(08:29:47 PM) palladin35y: lol
(08:30:28 PM) ***trinikrono pats Minenorin on back, you look healthy enough
(08:30:42 PM) Minenorin: doesn't matter dearie you'll learn
(08:30:42 PM) Kofi_Atuah: hueheuheu \o/
(08:30:52 PM) palladin35y: rule one you need new users interested show according to allan new toys
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(08:31:38 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: what are you thinking like fliers
(08:31:59 PM) allan_: fb
(08:33:02 PM) Augustine: Flyers will help with communication. What I mean is, WHY, me, as a library, business person, individual, household, choose Ubuntu over Windows. Is it cheaper? Better supported? Easier to work with?
(08:34:00 PM) trinikrono: ok you mean supporting documentation
(08:34:08 PM) trinikrono: to give people
(08:34:09 PM) reavengrey [~reavengre@unaffiliated/reavengrey] entered the room.
(08:34:14 PM) trinikrono: :D
(08:34:23 PM) trinikrono: i thought i lost you there reavengrey
(08:34:46 PM) reavengrey: dc'd, on phone now, typing is slower
(08:35:07 PM) reavengrey: ah yea lol >.>
(08:35:16 PM) Minenorin: That's the quandary right there
(08:35:39 PM) Augustine: That can work. I mean, selling benefits. Ubuntu is a VERY scary piece of software. It's not Windows, many of my programs may not run. Why should I use it? Along those lines.
(08:36:05 PM) Minenorin: He's right. That would draw me in.
(08:36:29 PM) trinikrono: ok great can you make a flyer for us Augustine
(08:36:44 PM) trinikrono: you seem to have a good idea already :D
(08:37:26 PM) palladin35y: ok trinikrono ans that
(08:37:26 PM) reavengrey: frankly there are no reasons to use any linux distro if you grew up on windows :O
(08:37:26 PM) allan_: we must really try google+ or the skype conf thing hate typing
(08:37:26 PM) allan_: sacrilage
(08:37:28 PM) reavengrey: One thing we don't want to come off as is faatical and weird
(08:37:32 PM) Augustine: Well, revenge if they are no reasons, why should I care?
(08:37:37 PM) allan_: smite him :)
(08:37:57 PM) reavengrey: >.<
(08:38:04 PM) palladin35y: actually people some distro are way better than windows
(08:38:14 PM) allan_: i believe thatwas tongue in cheek....devils advocate
(08:38:50 PM) trinikrono: use dvorak allan_ :D
(08:39:03 PM) trinikrono: it would keep your fingers nice and new
(08:39:04 PM) palladin35y: also some software aside
(08:39:06 PM) reavengrey: So who will be tsking part in the library classes?
(08:39:15 PM) trinikrono: o/
(08:39:20 PM) Augustine: How is it better? With Windows, all my popular programs can run. I click and it opens..finished. Why should I use Ubuntu?
(08:39:23 PM) kester_: If you're just trying to get people to change over from windows, they'll need motivation to do so. I suppose the target group should be adventurous people
(08:39:27 PM) palladin35y: linux is a lot better
(08:39:33 PM) trinikrono: or young people
(08:39:44 PM) kester_: really and truly only they will want to change, and techie folks of course
(08:39:46 PM) trinichica: Well, that is soemthing you can work on Augustine
(08:39:47 PM) trinikrono: they are always willing to break things
(08:39:50 PM) Augustine: I don't care palladin. How is it better? What will it do for me?
(08:40:45 PM) trinichica: You seem to know the questions people will ask
(08:40:45 PM) allan_: no virii free 34000 pieces of free s/ware, works on crap pcs(i should know)
(08:40:45 PM) Augustine: WELL DONE ALLAN!
(08:40:45 PM) trinichica: Make a brochure
(08:40:46 PM) Augustine: No you have me thinking.
(08:40:52 PM) Augustine: Now*
(08:40:55 PM) ***reavengrey 's target is to spur on genrral programming growth in t'dad
(08:41:00 PM) palladin35y: and it's free
(08:41:02 PM) Augustine: Will it be cheaper than Windows?
(08:41:14 PM) Minenorin: yep
(08:41:18 PM) Minenorin: free :D
(08:41:37 PM) allan_: my target is to get more users the rest will follow
(08:41:38 PM) Augustine: I don't care about free. I care about support and security, I'm from a big firm in POS.
(08:42:01 PM) allan_: then call browwwsers
(08:42:02 PM) trinichica: Document it
(08:42:04 PM) reavengrey: so idk if that helps us set a target group? young/techie, as suggested? I agree with that sentiment, as it was raised ear(ier
(08:42:04 PM) trinichica: Nope
(08:42:06 PM) trinichica: :)
(08:43:06 PM) Augustine: Yes, find a target audience.
(08:44:04 PM) trinikrono: target audience = joe public
(08:44:05 PM) Augustine: And sell benefits. And you'll won't fail.
(08:44:05 PM) kester_: And with a target audience, you can package to fit their needs.
(08:44:05 PM) Augustine: Well said, Kester.
(08:44:05 PM) palladin35y: true
(08:44:05 PM) trinichica: Every and any one use windows but they can use Ubuntu for free every and anyone Just as they learned windows that same wwould be with Ubuntu
(08:44:05 PM) Augustine: Which would mean, quicker delivery time, easier training.
(08:44:13 PM) trinichica: Tech age
(08:44:19 PM) trinichica: Forward ever
(08:44:24 PM) trinichica: Sigh
(08:45:20 PM) reavengrey: and guys, selling FOSS on its price will get us nowhere
(08:45:33 PM) Minenorin: Yeah we know =_=
(08:45:42 PM) reavengrey: most trinis use widpws for free -- piratebay
(08:46:02 PM) Augustine: Good point, again, why should I choose Ubuntu?
(08:46:13 PM) palladin35y: i say allan we can try google+ i sat in on a confrence the other day it was good
(08:46:20 PM) Augustine: When I can get Windows (any version) for $5.00
(08:46:32 PM) Minenorin: And it just works.
(08:47:25 PM) palladin35y: where
(08:47:25 PM) allan_: including the virii on the cd that win was burnt on
(08:47:25 PM) Minenorin: Price of the dvd you plan to burn it to maybe?
(08:47:25 PM) Minenorin: Yep the hangouts are a great idea.
(08:47:25 PM) kester_: lol @ allan_
(08:47:27 PM) trinichica: Because you can't be sued for Ubuntu on a cd
(08:47:28 PM) trinichica: http://www.newsday.co.tt/features/0,81038.html
(08:47:37 PM) trinichica: Pirated
(08:47:58 PM) trinichica: Research is good
(08:48:07 PM) Minenorin: Yea
(08:48:14 PM) Augustine: Please, we, in Trinidad, have lost all respect for the Windows License. Selling Ubuntu on price, may not be wise, it can work, but maybe not.
(08:48:25 PM) trinichica: Always weight out Pros and cons before
(08:48:32 PM) trinichica: Read the articles
(08:48:42 PM) allan_: how about 34sec to boot, no bloat, no sp,mal,virus scanners to suck up processor and ram, better film management and transfer yada yada
(08:48:43 PM) Augustine: Good, that can be part of the marketing.
(08:48:44 PM) trinichica: People get paid to rat on each other
(08:48:49 PM) Minenorin: that'll work
(08:49:01 PM) Augustine: Teach people about the TRUE cost of running Windows LEGALLY.
(08:49:21 PM) palladin35y: ok as a computer tech most of the computers i work on have pirated software
(08:49:21 PM) Augustine: Show them teh illls of piracy, then offer Ubunutu savings.
(08:49:48 PM) Augustine: Yup, people think Office is Free.
(08:50:09 PM) trinikrono: lol well thats more about opensorce in general
(08:50:17 PM) trinikrono: all that is up our alley
(08:50:40 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: we need people to go out in the trenches
(08:50:57 PM) kester_: Also, showing them alternatives to all their software can prove to be useful as well... like gimp over 'pirated' photoshop
(08:50:57 PM) Augustine: Ahhhhh
(08:50:57 PM) Minenorin: At least with GNU/linux based operating systems we won't have to worry about people un-installing the anitvirus because they "didn't use it"
(08:50:57 PM) Augustine: Yes! Yes!
(08:50:57 PM) Minenorin: nooooo
(08:50:57 PM) allan_: i do that daily they could care less when last did msoft or sba charge anyone,and they wont now that they are loosing market share to android tablets, ipads and macs
(08:50:58 PM) palladin35y: yeah they dont know
(08:50:58 PM) Minenorin: not gimp over photoshop
(08:50:58 PM) Augustine: Yes Minenorin! Less viruses.
(08:50:58 PM) Minenorin: anything but XD
(08:50:58 PM) Augustine: THat's a PLUS to me.
(08:50:58 PM) reavengrey: The selling point of FOSS is not price at all brethen :)
(08:50:58 PM) Augustine: Now, you have me interested.
(08:50:59 PM) Minenorin: its a lot less functionality
(08:51:00 PM) kester_: Hahaha Minenorin good point
(08:51:01 PM) metasansana: that argument about Linux and viruses is dated
(08:51:11 PM) metasansana: hello folks :)
(08:51:14 PM) reavengrey: it is versatility and fun
(08:51:15 PM) trinichica: Hi
(08:51:33 PM) palladin35y: i sorry i like photoshop
(08:51:40 PM) Minenorin: its harder to get around, and its unfriendly to smaller screens
(08:51:47 PM) Augustine: Yup, you all can use piracy to your advantage.
(08:51:48 PM) Minenorin: i prefer corel draw
(08:51:55 PM) Minenorin: but gimp is just not ready
(08:51:56 PM) allan_: i like corel....and gimp is hard
(08:52:10 PM) Augustine: You know what REALLy inpressed me when I use to use ubuntu?
(08:52:13 PM) palladin35y: hey metasansana
(08:52:24 PM) allan_: so use virtualbox or dual boot
(08:52:24 PM) Augustine: That place where you can go and download software.
(08:52:30 PM) Minenorin: we need programs that are able to replace the ones that we use not frustrate us
(08:52:33 PM) kester_: Corel huh, gonna check that out now
(08:52:35 PM) Minenorin: the software center?
(08:52:36 PM) Augustine: Just type in a name and a whole list of software shows up.
(08:52:51 PM) trinikrono: yes
(08:53:01 PM) trinikrono: they are still improving it also
(08:53:01 PM) palladin35y: yes
(08:53:02 PM) Augustine: I didn't have to buy anything.
(08:53:09 PM) Augustine: Just install.
(08:53:12 PM) allan_: alt to p/shop and corel...gimp and inkscape
(08:53:16 PM) Minenorin: I haven't seen it in a while.
(08:53:23 PM) trinikrono: the software center from deepin linux
(08:54:08 PM) Augustine: I was like, WOW!
(08:54:08 PM) Minenorin: also scribus
(08:54:08 PM) Augustine: Ah yes, we are getting the jist of it.
(08:54:08 PM) allan_: forgot that one and i thin it imports .cdr files
(08:54:08 PM) Augustine: You see, Photoshop etc has become to easy to obtain.
(08:54:08 PM) Augustine: That price is no longer a problem.
(08:54:13 PM) reavengrey: so, what items are we loking at for the syllabud at the library?
(08:54:17 PM) Augustine: Yes, the software center is awesome!
(08:54:19 PM) palladin35y: gimp has it pluses and minuses lol
(08:54:41 PM) Augustine: Gimp cannot hold a candle to Photoshop.
(08:54:50 PM) Minenorin: komodo edit for the programmers and designers
(08:54:51 PM) Augustine: However, it's a good piece of software.
(08:55:05 PM) Minenorin: Its good for home use i think
(08:55:15 PM) reavengrey: There's np opoint in us meeting if we don't begin workung on a syllabus
(08:55:24 PM) Minenorin: gimp.
(08:55:24 PM) Minenorin: yeah
(08:55:25 PM) palladin35y: first time i tried it, it was hard i found the manual and it got way easier
(08:55:45 PM) allan_: is like pullin bull why get an H licence when yuh ent gettin charge, we need jack to monitor illegal software use
(08:55:53 PM) Minenorin: its not hard to use just limited
(08:55:53 PM) palladin35y: and a team for the work
(08:56:03 PM) Augustine: YES Allan.
(08:56:03 PM) reavengrey: so far, only i and kurt gave volunteered to tech at the classes
(08:56:03 PM) Minenorin: hahaha
(08:56:06 PM) Minenorin: exactly
(08:56:23 PM) Minenorin: I was not aware we were teaching anyone?
(08:56:23 PM) Augustine: We need to inform people on the dangers of piracy, THEN drop the ubuntu bomb
(08:56:26 PM) trinichica: Kurt, reavengrey and I
(08:56:34 PM) kester_: hahahaha Jack yes!
(08:57:13 PM) trinikrono: Minenorin: the thing in the libary Minenorin
(08:57:29 PM) allan_: kurt yuh bamfin!!!
(08:57:29 PM) trinichica: Volunteed
(08:57:29 PM) reavengrey: so so far, the syllabus is,aas far as i am concerned, C, the unix prpgramming eenvironment and develop,ent in general
(08:57:30 PM) Minenorin: >.> kobaka i'll kick you
(08:57:30 PM) Augustine: Lol Allan, reminded be of Browwwsers days with that one.
(08:57:30 PM) Minenorin: anyway that's good
(08:57:30 PM) Minenorin: what kinda of reception have ya'll gotten
(08:57:33 PM) reavengrey: these are open to moderation by group input
(08:57:48 PM) kester_: wait wait...there's gonna be a class on C?
(08:57:50 PM) palladin35y: trinikrono, you need a team
(08:57:55 PM) kester_: and unix programming?
(08:58:00 PM) reavengrey: Franjly, I am yet to get a vall back from the head librarian
(08:58:01 PM) allan_: lol
(08:58:04 PM) trinikrono: palladin35y: thats what we are asking
(08:58:10 PM) Minenorin: Eventually kes
(08:58:18 PM) palladin35y: team trinikrono
(08:58:26 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: can speak about priacy
(08:58:35 PM) palladin35y: ok
(08:58:44 PM) reavengrey: So I'll go talk to her again on wedeesday
(08:58:50 PM) allan_: and he can speak from experience
(08:59:26 PM) reavengrey: However, if this is apprpved, I intedd to take it seriously since I haee private stakes in it
(08:59:29 PM) Minenorin: Oho?
(08:59:38 PM) trinichica: reavengrey: agreed
(08:59:44 PM) trinichica: :)
(08:59:44 PM) Minenorin: That's great :D
(08:59:44 PM) palladin35y: O.o
(08:59:51 PM) reavengrey: So group input is desired -- we've ben running in circles so far :)
(09:00:01 PM) trinikrono: so who would like to help us out
(09:00:52 PM) trinichica: :)
(09:00:52 PM) reavengrey: Syllabus, let's go :)
(09:00:52 PM) Minenorin: hmm
(09:00:53 PM) allan_: Look the holidays are upon us and i can donate 8 pcs from 8am to 10 maybe daily for ubuntu demos
(09:00:53 PM) allan_: 2 sessios free
(09:00:53 PM) Minenorin: try using the intro to ubuntu pages on the wiki as a syllabus
(09:00:53 PM) Augustine: Ha Ha, Allan.
(09:00:56 PM) allan_: thats 1 hour per session
(09:01:14 PM) trinichica: I can get an alternative venue
(09:01:17 PM) trinichica: :)]
(09:01:25 PM) trinichica: Fre all the time
(09:01:27 PM) reavengrey: I am not qualified to talk about linux or ubuntu, so if the whole ubuntu thing ss to come in, it will have to be from another group member
(09:01:38 PM) Minenorin: That should be more than sufficient, besides it will be way better than just showing them a link and saying go read
(09:01:45 PM) allan_: with linux on them?
(09:02:26 PM) reavengrey: allan, are you volunteering an _alternate_ site?
(09:02:26 PM) palladin35y: then reavengrey learn and learn
(09:02:47 PM) reavengrey: or are we still going with the library?
(09:03:10 PM) trinichica: Library +1
(09:03:53 PM) trinikrono: lol its not time to vote as yet
(09:04:10 PM) Augustine: "Peace of Mind" is a good benefit. I don't have to worry about being caught with pirated software, and screwing my business over.
(09:04:10 PM) ***reavengrey has no preference, but i am only able to come out on wednesdays :=
(09:04:10 PM) kester_: Will the library offer 10+ pc's though?
(09:04:10 PM) allan_: browwwsers - we have 20 ubuntu machines all on ll day you may use 8 of them fro free for 2 hours per dayf rom 8 -10 mon to sat...any other time will be dependant on usage but for the vacation it slows
(09:04:17 PM) trinichica: Very true Augustine
(09:04:35 PM) reavengrey: K, so if allan is volunteering, browwwsers it is
(09:04:45 PM) trinichica: All sucessful or large businesses would hirt from this
(09:04:48 PM) kester_: Ok so on that note it's browwsers I suppose.
(09:04:53 PM) reavengrey: locus decided, now for syllabus
(09:05:04 PM) trinikrono: UBUNTU!
(09:05:06 PM) trinichica: So it is safe for small home offices
(09:05:10 PM) metasansana: you guys are keeping all the ubuntu in south
(09:05:20 PM) trinikrono: very good metasansana
(09:05:25 PM) trinichica: hurt*
(09:05:29 PM) reavengrey: scumbag southerners huehuehue
(09:05:36 PM) trinikrono: what about central and north
(09:05:40 PM) allan_: hurt no way they benefit i have converted sucessfuly many operations to linux including a major hotel and a law firm of some ilk
(09:05:54 PM) Minenorin: ok
(09:06:06 PM) kester_: Well done Allan
(09:06:12 PM) Minenorin: i got an idea for a workshop
(09:06:17 PM) metasansana: which hotel allan_ ?
(09:06:26 PM) metasansana: I need work
(09:06:34 PM) kester_: I need work too :(
(09:07:08 PM) trinikrono: me too
(09:07:40 PM) palladin35y: me too
(09:07:40 PM) kester_: Especially after the holidays
(09:07:40 PM) Minenorin: for our syllabus we should cover
(09:07:40 PM) allan_: matasnsana: wehave had to journey to tong gor ttlf and comp soc meets for decades, come pass de lighthouse nuh
(09:07:40 PM) ***reavengrey can volunteer to teach anything to do with development; I'm not a linux expert though, so I can't contrinute anything to the ubuntu stuff, byt i am versatile and useful in many ways :)
(09:07:40 PM) metasansana: we should start a unemployed ubuntuers group
(09:07:42 PM) allan_: Client Priv. cant say
(09:07:44 PM) palladin35y: lol
(09:07:45 PM) Augustine: Lol
(09:07:46 PM) reavengrey: who else can volunteer to tech, and in what capacity?
(09:07:48 PM) Minenorin: 1. Introduction to FOSS 2. How to install a Linux based operating system; 3. How to navigate the Linux desktop, using applications and installing software; 4. How to get help and support; 5. How to compute and communicate in a language of your choice.
(09:07:49 PM) metasansana: where is the lighthouse?
(09:07:57 PM) allan_: kester u have work!
(09:08:18 PM) kester_: Hahaha after the vacation Allan!! lol
(09:08:20 PM) palladin35y: good Minenorin
(09:08:26 PM) Minenorin: 6. General office and internet applications
(09:08:31 PM) Augustine: Lol, Kester get rope in
(09:08:41 PM) trinikrono: yes Minenorin!
(09:08:51 PM) reavengrey: I like what i'm seeing from mineno
(09:08:55 PM) Minenorin: and a hands on installation of a GNU/linux os
(09:09:12 PM) Minenorin: in this case ubuntu :P
(09:09:12 PM) kester_: Minenorin seems to have it all together there
(09:09:16 PM) Augustine: So, you all are running tutorials then?
(09:09:19 PM) trinikrono: super maybe allan_ will let us do the installs
(09:09:36 PM) Minenorin: More specialized stuff could be
(09:09:37 PM) trinikrono: we can use usbs
(09:09:51 PM) allan_: @Minenorin: if that is the syllabus it is not directed at newbies and would be converts
(09:09:55 PM) Augustine: WHy do tutorials in the first meeting?
(09:10:24 PM) trinikrono: we must baptise them in ubuntu Augustine
(09:10:44 PM) trinikrono: that way they will get practical experience too
(09:10:58 PM) trinikrono: so they come out with something
(09:10:59 PM) Minenorin: Compatibility of FOSS software with proprietary ones
(09:10:59 PM) reavengrey: I would like to add a bit of an intro to 'basic linux apps', such as the terminal, and since it's ubuntu cettered, thing like understanding apt, packagesm and foss software
(09:10:59 PM) Minenorin: its just an example allan surely we can simplify it from there
(09:10:59 PM) kester_: that reavengrey sounds good also
(09:10:59 PM) Minenorin: see :P
(09:10:59 PM) Augustine: We are thinking like techs, not like normal people.
(09:11:04 PM) allan_: whoa this is not what i signed up for :)....where is ubuntu in all this the fun part the stuff to keep people awake who are windows fans
(09:11:14 PM) palladin35y: show installation on an old machine many people throw away their old machines for a new one
(09:11:19 PM) kester_: Allan has a point
(09:11:35 PM) Augustine: Indeed. WHo care about installing Ubuntu?
(09:11:46 PM) Augustine: Who cares about FOSS? What's a FOSS anyway?
(09:11:53 PM) trinikrono: all they have to do is show up you know
(09:12:11 PM) Minenorin: Migration to FOSS with minimal hassles >.>
(09:12:30 PM) Minenorin: well its not like you can't NOT explain these things
(09:12:30 PM) palladin35y: true allan
(09:12:41 PM) Augustine: As a person, I don't care. You know what I care about? Typing this document for my Boss...
(09:12:48 PM) Augustine: Keeping software cost down in my company.
(09:12:57 PM) trinikrono: lol you dont have a boss Augustine!
(09:13:07 PM) Augustine: Damn Windows prices...
(09:13:12 PM) Augustine: Damn viruses.
(09:13:15 PM) palladin35y: ent lol
(09:13:17 PM) Minenorin: haha
(09:13:50 PM) trinikrono: the way you guys talking we would need a launch in the hilton
(09:14:15 PM) Augustine: That's all I care about
(09:14:15 PM) Augustine: Damn you every time a New Windows comes up I'm FORCED to upgrade
(09:14:15 PM) reavengrey: by switching to a linux userspace, a user is inadvertently binding themselves to foss since /most/ software they use will be foss alternativestto apps they would havr used on windows -- understanding foss is unavoidable
(09:14:15 PM) palladin35y: yep
(09:14:15 PM) Augustine: So, wait you're telling me I have to BUY Office?
(09:14:15 PM) Augustine: WHy doesn't it ship with PC?!?!
(09:14:15 PM) Minenorin: Well I'm pretty sure that's all anyone cares about, myself included
(09:14:15 PM) allan_: Peeps it is soap box time, you have lofty ideals of mass programmers emerging from this suumer of code, but the reality is tat there are endless users just fed up of tthe grind of windows. they want to use word, excel, powerpoint and and image prog,surf the net and check e-mail and FB thats all. ubuntu can do that and Skype
(09:14:16 PM) Minenorin: it used to darnit!
(09:14:35 PM) Minenorin: hell no i can't make that
(09:14:35 PM) Augustine: True Allan.
(09:14:39 PM) Augustine: lol
(09:14:41 PM) Augustine: No we don't Kurt
(09:14:42 PM) kester_: True!
(09:14:50 PM) Augustine: We just need to think like PEOPLE not TECHS
(09:15:05 PM) Minenorin: Ok. well to tell you the truth as a person
(09:15:20 PM) kester_: Not to mention ubuntu gives you a bit of extra security in the sense that most viruses won't affect your system
(09:15:31 PM) Minenorin: I would not choose ubuntu as an entry to foss
(09:15:42 PM) Augustine: Good! Honesty.
(09:15:50 PM) Minenorin: i started with suse and everything just worked
(09:15:50 PM) Minenorin: that was what i need
(09:15:52 PM) Minenorin: needed*
(09:15:57 PM) allan_: need to keep it simple get them interested and move on with those who want to develop
(09:16:13 PM) Augustine: Yup, simplicity. Benefits.
(09:16:17 PM) palladin35y: correct allan
(09:16:31 PM) Augustine: Introduce Ubuntu.
(09:16:33 PM) kester_: Simplicity is bliss
(09:16:33 PM) Minenorin: not endless hours combing forums trying to figure out why my wireless card wasn't recognised.
(09:16:53 PM) trinikrono: haha Minenorin they made you smarter!
(09:17:39 PM) allan_: Augustine could it be we agree...ah this is a beautiful moment...time to turn on my BOSE
(09:17:39 PM) Augustine: LOL!
(09:17:39 PM) kester_: hahaha
(09:17:39 PM) Augustine: Good one, Allan.
(09:17:39 PM) palladin35y: lol
(09:17:39 PM) Augustine: You cursed me, and you made me smile, WELL done!
(09:18:18 PM) allan_: Dont really have BOSE have Sony it was either that or klipsh**
(09:18:38 PM) kester_: hahahaha why not a logitech Allan?
(09:18:43 PM) allan_: yes i know but the C would hace ruined the joke
(09:19:11 PM) allan_: now now Klipsch are not all bad
(09:19:11 PM) Augustine: Look, you all have a REAL good thing going here. Don't compete with Windows. There are things that ubuntu does better than Windows. I'm going to use Linux, exclusively, for developing in Drupal.
(09:19:49 PM) Augustine: So, i'll be a full time Linux user...Development seems easier in Ubuntu. For some strange reason.
(09:20:15 PM) trinikrono: because it is
(09:20:38 PM) trinikrono: use dvorak too Augustine
(09:21:02 PM) Minenorin: blahhh kobaka :P
(09:21:02 PM) allan_: I use it for Joomla easier that win
(09:21:18 PM) Minenorin: yeah i agree development is easier
(09:21:28 PM) reavengrey: So we have loose syllabud
(09:21:30 PM) Minenorin: its easy on the hands!
(09:21:39 PM) allan_: we do
(09:21:41 PM) reavengrey: 'something about ubuntu'
(09:21:50 PM) Augustine: Indeed. So, for me Ubuntu offers a clear benefit.
(09:21:52 PM) reavengrey: seems legit
(09:22:11 PM) Augustine: Once we offer benefits, we'll win.
(09:22:22 PM) Minenorin: I like the freedom it give me with customizing the interface
(09:22:24 PM) reavengrey: When are classes? iirc allan has offered time during weekdays (?)
(09:22:33 PM) Minenorin: gives*
(09:22:33 PM) allan_: we need to do a proper intro and benefits and a free install?
(09:22:41 PM) Augustine: That can work, Allan.
(09:23:00 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: will you come down
(09:23:01 PM) Augustine: We need to show them, that the basic tasks are available in the stock install.
(09:23:05 PM) Augustine: Sure.
(09:23:12 PM) Augustine: Word Processor etc
(09:23:18 PM) allan_: of course participants will have to fill out an ap form online for our database
(09:23:45 PM) trinikrono: whos database?
(09:23:51 PM) trinikrono: ubuntu-tt?
(09:24:21 PM) kester_: Messaging clients also
(09:24:21 PM) Augustine: Correct...
(09:24:21 PM) Minenorin: yeah
(09:24:21 PM) reavengrey: So which days are the classes availablr or agreed on? :O
(09:24:21 PM) allan_: now about getting the word out FB still more econ than fliers unless we can tap the schools before next friday
(09:24:32 PM) ***reavengrey cab geberally only come out on wednesdays
(09:24:57 PM) allan_: not mine one for ubuntu-tt
(09:26:06 PM) Minenorin1 [~Richardso@cuscon81550.tstt.net.tt] entered the room.
Minenorin Minenorin1
(09:26:23 PM) allan_: ?
(09:26:26 PM) trinikrono: Minenorin1 still using tstt i see
(09:26:38 PM) Minenorin1: oh blah kobaka >.>
(09:26:39 PM) Augustine: Lol. I'm available on evenings.
(09:26:42 PM) Minenorin1: don't remind me
(09:27:17 PM) trinikrono: great palladin35y will take pictures
(09:27:24 PM) trinikrono: i think we are set
(09:27:38 PM) Augustine: Let me know about plans a day in advance.
(09:27:38 PM) kester_: So someone's gonna make a flier that we can all share on FB to advertise?
(09:27:38 PM) Minenorin1 left the room.
(09:27:38 PM) allan_: any one available for mornings
(09:27:52 PM) allan_: the 1 st per month from 1 - 3 @ 20 pcs still stands
(09:27:53 PM) trinichica: If we haven't decided on a venue I can check the Library We can meet and i could check other venue or pull some stings for the good cause
(09:27:55 PM) Augustine: First, seasoned Ubuntu users should come up with some benefits.
(09:27:56 PM) trinikrono: when would the first one be guys
(09:28:08 PM) Augustine: THen make the flyer.
(09:28:30 PM) trinikrono: vote on the 4th
(09:28:59 PM) trinikrono: voting is done ubuntu style with +1, -1 or 0
(09:29:13 PM) kester_: Browwwsers is the settled location for the person who asked
(09:29:33 PM) allan_: what are we voting on again?
(09:29:39 PM) trinikrono: the date
(09:29:42 PM) trinikrono: the 4th
(09:29:44 PM) kester_: and what time exactly? some people might be busy
(09:29:47 PM) Minenorin1 [~Richardso@cuscon81550.tstt.net.tt] entered the room.
(09:29:59 PM) Minenorin1: gah >.<
(09:30:00 PM) Minenorin left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
(09:30:03 PM) trinikrono: we want to have a date first
(09:31:02 PM) palladin35y: yes i will
(09:31:02 PM) Minenorin1: ok what did i miss?
(09:31:02 PM) allan_: the fourth as i this Wed. then if yes we need a time and venue confirmed asap
(09:31:39 PM) trinikrono: we are voting on the 4th as the first Minenorin1
(09:31:47 PM) Augustine: This just ran though my head. One of the biggest challenges, is getting people to understand, that Ubuntu is NOT WINDOWS. You can't just stick stick Cd's in willy nilly and expect it to run.
(09:31:51 PM) Augustine: Keep that in mind.
(09:31:56 PM) trinikrono: vote using +-0
(09:32:05 PM) Augustine: What's that?
(09:32:44 PM) reavengrey left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
(09:33:06 PM) Minenorin1: Umm I can't make it to this one if it's the 4th I have a doctor's appointment on the 5th and i'm not really allowed out until he gives me the ok >.<
(09:33:13 PM) allan_: like yes , no , abstain
(09:34:22 PM) reavengrey [~reavengre@unaffiliated/reavengrey] entered the room.
(09:34:23 PM) Minenorin1: which I might get on thursday soo I'll be out on this one >.>
(09:34:23 PM) allan_: wher and when pls
(09:34:23 PM) reavengrey: sorry, dc, what was the arranged regular meeting day?
(09:34:34 PM) Minenorin1: the 4th is being voted on
(09:34:51 PM) kester_: the 4th? where and when?
(09:35:30 PM) trinikrono: kester_: browwwsers and we did not pick a time yet
(09:36:03 PM) trinikrono: just the date we are trying to organise
(09:36:21 PM) kester_: well the 4th is ok, but time is of the essence
(09:36:37 PM) trinikrono: well say +1
(09:36:44 PM) kester_: +1
(09:36:48 PM) kester_: :D
(09:36:50 PM) trinikrono: thats all we want right now
(09:36:57 PM) trinikrono: thats 1
(09:37:42 PM) allan_: browwwsers, 4th, +1 (pending time)
(09:37:42 PM) palladin35y: +1
(09:38:04 PM) trinikrono: thats 3 so far
(09:38:28 PM) Augustine: That's cool. I'm game for the evening time.
(09:38:33 PM) reavengrey left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
(09:38:35 PM) allan_: 3 out of 10 and where is Kofi
(09:38:39 PM) Augustine: I give that date 5 Windows.
(09:38:56 PM) reavengrey [~reavengre@unaffiliated/reavengrey] entered the room.
(09:39:05 PM) trinikrono: thats 4 so far
(09:39:10 PM) reavengrey: dc again juehuehue
(09:39:20 PM) trinikrono: reavengrey: we need vote from you
(09:39:28 PM) Augustine: Man on DialUp
(09:39:30 PM) trinikrono: for the 4th
(09:39:38 PM) reavengrey: i checked calendar, 4th is a wednesday, i can come
(09:39:38 PM) Augustine: Call came through? Ha ha Ha
(09:39:38 PM) palladin35y: metasansana, you not voting
(09:39:58 PM) reavengrey: >.<
(09:40:02 PM) trinikrono: its his political right
(09:40:07 PM) trinikrono: lol
(09:40:10 PM) Minenorin1: haha
(09:40:28 PM) trinikrono: i dont think he likes the fact we not doing one in north
(09:40:49 PM) trinikrono: metasansana: can you speak to the POS libary ?
(09:40:51 PM) kester_: lol
(09:40:52 PM) palladin35y: metasansana, you abstain ?
(09:40:52 PM) Augustine: Man plead the 5th, yes.
(09:41:05 PM) reavengrey: mr speaker i see indecision...
(09:41:16 PM) trinikrono: i believe the counter is 5 now
(09:41:43 PM) Augustine: In the footsteps of our Parliamentarians ... he fell asleep.
(09:41:50 PM) Minenorin1: mmhmm ya'll need a tie breaker
(09:41:52 PM) metasansana: ??
(09:41:53 PM) Minenorin1: lmaooooo
(09:41:59 PM) allan_: yea we hung
(09:41:59 PM) Minenorin1: ah he's up!
(09:42:04 PM) metasansana: whats up
(09:42:06 PM) metasansana: ?
(09:42:06 PM) reavengrey: ohhhh snap
(09:42:22 PM) Augustine: *beat desk* *beat desk*
(09:42:23 PM) reavengrey: real stylish ebtrance
(09:42:39 PM) Minenorin1: we're voting on the date for the meeting sana dear :P
(09:42:47 PM) kester_: yes mr. speaker!
(09:42:47 PM) reavengrey: #1 presence factor
(09:42:48 PM) Minenorin1: so far we're got 5 votes for the 4th
(09:42:51 PM) metasansana: err yeah ok
(09:42:57 PM) metasansana: :/
(09:43:01 PM) Minenorin1: time pending i believe
(09:43:31 PM) trinikrono: its ok i got whole night
(09:44:25 PM) Minenorin1: soo i take it the 4th's no good for you?
(09:44:25 PM) metasansana: i live in pos 8-4
(09:44:29 PM) reavengrey: the tension thickens
(09:44:40 PM) Minenorin1: ahh
(09:44:44 PM) Augustine: *ominous music*
(09:44:47 PM) reavengrey: ah kk
(09:45:03 PM) palladin35y: metasansana, roars
(09:45:10 PM) Minenorin1: that'd be pretty impossible then =_=
(09:45:21 PM) ***reavengrey nods
(09:45:23 PM) palladin35y: trinikrono, loses life points
(09:45:38 PM) kester_: but we still have 5 votes out of the 10 people present, so that leaves 4 more people...not so?
(09:45:50 PM) Minenorin1: You know...I'm abstaining so you have a majority ne?
(09:45:58 PM) Augustine: Lets set up video conferencing for Metsanasana
(09:46:03 PM) trinikrono: lol
(09:46:07 PM) Minenorin1: and meee >.<
(09:46:09 PM) trinikrono: you guys....
(09:46:20 PM) Augustine: That will be a nice ubuntu Project
(09:46:21 PM) Minenorin1: yes kobaka :D
(09:46:27 PM) reavengrey: let's leave that until after we finalize date and time >.>
(09:46:28 PM) trinikrono: motion passed
(09:46:30 PM) palladin35y: yeah
(09:46:38 PM) Minenorin1: hurrah
(09:46:42 PM) trinikrono: the 4th is the tenative date to start
(09:46:49 PM) reavengrey: o/
(09:46:50 PM) trinikrono: noxt is the time
(09:46:52 PM) palladin35y: time buddy
(09:46:54 PM) trinikrono: *next
(09:47:10 PM) trinikrono: everybody pick a number
(09:47:23 PM) trinikrono: 2300
(09:47:47 PM) kester_: so the 4th it is
(09:47:48 PM) kester_: time
(09:47:48 PM) Minenorin1: *and much table thumping insued*
(09:47:48 PM) Augustine: Any time after 5 is fine with me.
(09:47:48 PM) Augustine: lol
(09:47:48 PM) ***reavengrey is available from 1-4:30 pm
(09:47:48 PM) Augustine: I want to use Allan's free internet.
(09:47:50 PM) Minenorin1: hahahaha oh jeez
(09:47:53 PM) Minenorin1: 9000
(09:47:56 PM) kester_: 100000000000
(09:48:04 PM) Augustine: 2.356
(09:48:07 PM) reavengrey: real man august, man after my own heart
(09:48:08 PM) allan_: between 8-10 am
(09:48:12 PM) allan_: free
(09:48:15 PM) Minenorin1: there's a joke there bur i refuse XD
(09:48:18 PM) allan_: or ewbies
(09:48:19 PM) Minenorin1: but8
(09:48:21 PM) Augustine: Lawd Allan.
(09:48:27 PM) Augustine: What time Browwwsers closes?
(09:48:29 PM) trinikrono: lol as in a time people
(09:48:29 PM) allan_: for newbies and mentors
(09:48:34 PM) Minenorin1: oh
(09:48:43 PM) trinikrono: ...................
(09:48:49 PM) Minenorin1: well say so you kobaka XD
(09:48:51 PM) Minenorin1: 6 pm
(09:48:52 PM) kester_: lol
(09:49:00 PM) allan_: 4.30 but i will come back for 5.30
(09:49:01 PM) trinikrono: 1800?
(09:49:04 PM) Augustine: Leave Kurt and I in charge..
(09:49:19 PM) allan_: lol
(09:49:19 PM) reavengrey: 1pm like last time, looks good gaiz, vote with me huehuehue
(09:49:23 PM) allan_: been there did that
(09:49:28 PM) Augustine: Ha Ha Ha.
(09:49:43 PM) Minenorin1: i think augustine won't be able to make that
(09:50:00 PM) ***metasansana -y --all
(09:50:02 PM) allan_: 6pm til ???
(09:50:03 PM) Augustine: I"m a bit flexible. My PREFERRED time is after 5.
(09:50:11 PM) allan_: cut off time pls and an agenda
(09:50:31 PM) trinikrono: introduction to ubuntu
(09:50:58 PM) trinikrono: 1600-1700?
(09:51:05 PM) Minenorin1: aha
(09:51:06 PM) ***reavengrey nods, kk well i'm open anytime up to 4:30
(09:51:06 PM) Minenorin1: is an hour sufficient kobaka?
(09:51:06 PM) Augustine: an hour?
(09:51:10 PM) allan_: i think up to 2 anything more is waffling
(09:51:22 PM) ***reavengrey likes krpno's time
(09:51:28 PM) kester_: I'm with Allan on this one
(09:51:34 PM) trinikrono: yea it should be short and sweet
(09:51:37 PM) Minenorin1: i agree
(09:51:38 PM) allan_: ok lost now is this a meeting for us or newbies
(09:51:46 PM) Minenorin1: as for topics to cover
(09:51:50 PM) Augustine: My question esactly.
(09:51:50 PM) Minenorin1: How to navigate the Linux desktop, using applications and installing software.
(09:51:53 PM) Augustine: exactly*
(09:51:54 PM) trinikrono: newbies we are pros~~~
(09:51:59 PM) reavengrey: t3h nubs allan
(09:52:01 PM) Minenorin1: General office and internet applications
(09:52:10 PM) trinikrono: yes basic stuff
(09:52:11 PM) Augustine: Naw, I'm newish to Linux.
(09:52:27 PM) Minenorin1: i think its too soon to breakout the terminal
(09:52:31 PM) allan_: the newbs/ and u expect a return on the unmade flier this soon?
(09:52:37 PM) trinikrono: of course
(09:53:00 PM) Augustine: Yea, no terminal thing. We should talk about what is an OS, what it does, etc
(09:53:00 PM) Minenorin1: so that should be more than sufficient
(09:53:21 PM) Augustine: Smooth people into Ubuntu land.
(09:53:28 PM) Minenorin1: exactly
(09:54:07 PM) trinikrono: we would announce it now make a event in the group etc
(09:54:26 PM) trinikrono: so we have like two days allan_
(09:54:29 PM) Minenorin1: btw are we planning to cultivate a presence on google +?
(09:54:29 PM) allan_: ok so this meet is for the respondants to the FB ad that may be posted on 10 pages tomorrow
(09:54:30 PM) Augustine: Facebook seems to be fine, for now.
(09:54:30 PM) allan_: ok
(09:54:40 PM) kester_: Will we have a flier for this by tomorrow also?
(09:54:44 PM) trinikrono: its better to keep the first one small
(09:54:53 PM) trinikrono: in case 100 people show up
(09:55:22 PM) allan_: and to onfirm wed 4th, browwwsers, 5 - 6 or 7
(09:55:41 PM) allan_: confirm
(09:55:41 PM) Minenorin1: yeah
(09:55:55 PM) kester_: So we're not going with the midday time then?
(09:56:01 PM) Augustine: 6 till would be perfect for me.
(09:56:01 PM) Minenorin1: nawww
(09:56:03 PM) Augustine: I can make it 5 till though
(09:56:05 PM) palladin35y: yeah ok i bring my camera
(09:56:10 PM) allan_: 6-7 sounds better
(09:56:22 PM) Augustine: Cool!
(09:56:22 PM) reavengr1y [~reavengre@cuscon78423.tstt.net.tt] entered the room.
(09:56:23 PM) palladin35y: yeah
(09:56:26 PM) reavengrey left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
(09:56:35 PM) Augustine: I'm available for 6-7
(09:56:36 PM) trinikrono: 6-7 might be too late
(09:56:44 PM) trinikrono: for normal people
(09:56:46 PM) reavengr1y: Real wifi, best in tnt
(09:57:55 PM) Minenorin1: hahaha
(09:57:55 PM) allan_: nah people have work
(09:57:55 PM) Augustine: Naw, it's Wednesday, 6 - 7 is good time.
(09:57:55 PM) kester_: would that not be too late to attract younger folks though?
(09:57:55 PM) allan_: or maybe 5.30 - 6.30 for people who travel home
(09:57:55 PM) allan_: and want light
(09:57:55 PM) palladin35y: well try like and see how many people attend
(09:58:10 PM) ***reavengr1y is unable to attne then -- will try to conttibute in other eays, maybr skype in when i get a new laptop
(09:58:11 PM) allan_: 5.30 sounds better
(09:58:13 PM) Augustine: Well, it depends, what's the target audience? KNowing that will HELP in setting times, course materials etc.
(09:58:25 PM) allan_: newbs
(09:58:36 PM) Augustine: "Everybody" may be hard to cater to.
(09:58:38 PM) Minenorin1: nah dude we're doing a hangout XD
(09:58:43 PM) trinichica left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(09:58:53 PM) Minenorin1: what allan said
(09:59:03 PM) Augustine: And the message can be diluted.
(09:59:03 PM) reavengr1y: also, good guy kester, sharp mind, very perceptive, makesaa good poiny
(09:59:42 PM) allan_: show them the interface and the software centre to get em going all the apps then an instal side byside give em a cd and send em off
(10:00:02 PM) palladin35y: thats a start
(10:00:12 PM) Minenorin1: mmhmm
(10:00:39 PM) trinikrono: one thing
(10:00:45 PM) trinikrono: vote on the time
(10:00:53 PM) trinikrono: 4-5 first
(10:01:11 PM) Minenorin1: the need to see that you can accomplish everthing you need to on ubuntu
(10:01:11 PM) palladin35y: sounds good
(10:01:11 PM) allan_: yep
(10:01:11 PM) Minenorin1: they*
(10:01:11 PM) allan_: someone copy his chat and save it for the day
(10:01:14 PM) allan_: ok i will
(10:01:32 PM) kester_: 4-5?
(10:01:36 PM) Minenorin1: this chat?
(10:01:40 PM) trinikrono: yes
(10:01:42 PM) reavengr1y: i votw 4-5
(10:01:44 PM) trinikrono: itsa meeting
(10:01:53 PM) trinikrono: vote on 4-5 please
(10:01:57 PM) Minenorin1: i got bumped so i don't have the entire thing
(10:02:06 PM) Minenorin1: abstain~
(10:02:07 PM) trinikrono: +-0
(10:02:22 PM) trinikrono: Minenorin1: ill post it up
(10:02:23 PM) reavengr1y: +1
(10:02:31 PM) kester_: +1
(10:02:44 PM) Augustine: Okay, post it on Facebook. I have a date with Drupal now.
(10:03:04 PM) trinikrono: vote before you go Augustine
(10:03:06 PM) trinikrono: !!
(10:03:20 PM) trinikrono: and where is allan_ and palladin35y
(10:03:25 PM) Augustine: Yea, 6 -7
(10:03:33 PM) Augustine: I'll be there
(10:03:39 PM) trinikrono: the time is 4-5 Augustine
(10:03:46 PM) trinikrono: we have 2 already for
(10:04:21 PM) Minenorin1: oki doki
(10:04:42 PM) Augustine: 4 - 5?
(10:04:45 PM) reavengr1y: Yarg, 6-7; it's set, let's move on with it >.<
(10:04:45 PM) palladin35y: what wait which is the correct time or we have two time in mind
(10:04:49 PM) Augustine: Nop, we decided on 6 -7
(10:04:51 PM) allan_: 4-5 +1
(10:05:02 PM) kester_: 4-5 +1
(10:05:08 PM) allan_: 5.30-6.30 +1
(10:05:14 PM) palladin35y: one hour
(10:05:18 PM) reavengr1y: ah ok, itps beong voted on still, 4-5 +1 then
(10:05:20 PM) Augustine: Naw, after 5 can work for me.
(10:05:21 PM) trinikrono: thats 4 for 4-5
(10:05:53 PM) Augustine: I'm trying to have discipline in work time...So, after 5
(10:06:04 PM) allan_: 9 peeps her now
(10:06:06 PM) allan_: here
(10:06:13 PM) trinikrono: one against then
(10:06:21 PM) trinikrono: palladin35y: what about you
(10:06:37 PM) palladin35y: well
(10:06:51 PM) Augustine: You see, with 4 - 5 that mean i'll have to start closing down things at around 3 .. that won't work.
(10:06:52 PM) allan_: personally 4 is too early for working fols they finish at 4
(10:06:58 PM) allan_: folks
(10:07:58 PM) kester_: so 5:30- 6:30 +1
(10:07:58 PM) Augustine: 5:30 - 6 is better
(10:07:58 PM) Augustine: 6:30*
(10:07:58 PM) allan_: i say 4.30 to 5.30
(10:07:58 PM) kester_: that way Augustine get's in
(10:07:58 PM) reavengr1y: k, i'm unable to attend past arounf 4:30 so i'll abstain -- +0
(10:07:58 PM) allan_: 5.30-6.30
(10:08:00 PM) Augustine: Yup, 5:30 sounds good.
(10:08:25 PM) trinikrono: thats different
(10:08:35 PM) reavengr1y: right, so gratz, we've made out first concrete move :)
(10:08:44 PM) Minenorin1: hurrah!
(10:08:47 PM) trinikrono: vote for 1730 to 1830
(10:08:57 PM) Augustine: +1
(10:08:58 PM) kester_: Already gave my vote +1
(10:09:05 PM) palladin35y: yeah but 5.30-6.30 +1
(10:09:08 PM) reavengr1y: +0
(10:09:15 PM) allan_: 5kurt put up 3 times and let each person pick one, say 4.30-5.30, 5.30 .6.30 and 4-5
(10:09:33 PM) trinikrono: its just you to vote allan_
(10:10:08 PM) allan_: i am easy with any one of the 3 so +1
(10:10:17 PM) trinikrono: well thats 4
(10:10:45 PM) trinikrono: please note that you guys decided to go with a time that reavengr1y wont be able to make
(10:11:00 PM) trinikrono: so someone else will have todo the tolk
(10:11:11 PM) Minenorin1: you need 1 more to pass
(10:11:11 PM) reavengr1y: 4 with none against, unanimous
(10:11:11 PM) kester_: any of the 3 works for me also so +1 for all
(10:11:11 PM) Augustine: +1
(10:11:13 PM) Augustine: *pounds gravel* 5:30 - 6:30
(10:11:40 PM) allan_: so then the motion is moved that the tim be set for 5.30 - 6.30 any one seconding?
(10:11:53 PM) allan_: *time
(10:11:54 PM) Augustine: What was he talking about?
(10:12:37 PM) palladin35y: seconding
(10:12:51 PM) allan_: ok moved kurt?
(10:12:52 PM) trinikrono: sure
(10:12:54 PM) trinikrono: but
(10:13:01 PM) trinikrono: who will give the talk
(10:13:05 PM) ***reavengr1y would have spoken on what the group decides on the syllabus lol
(10:13:07 PM) allan_: always a but
(10:13:10 PM) trinikrono: i vote for Augustine
(10:13:14 PM) trinikrono: +1
(10:13:19 PM) kester_: +1
(10:13:29 PM) allan_: +1
(10:13:59 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: do you accept?
(10:14:41 PM) reavengr1y: +1
(10:14:41 PM) Augustine: What is the talk about?
(10:14:41 PM) allan_: why not split the thing up and let each person prepare a proper talk on a given topic
(10:14:42 PM) palladin35y: kurt if reavengr1y can't make it then you do it
(10:14:42 PM) allan_: is this not the newbie intro
(10:14:42 PM) Augustine: I won't be able to give that talk. Talks need time to prepare.
(10:14:47 PM) reavengr1y: allan_ makes a very pertinent point
(10:14:49 PM) trinikrono: it can be a very basic talk touching on free software and ubuntu in general
(10:15:20 PM) allan_: someone on he gui, one on apps, one on software cntr , on on the install, and one to close
(10:15:47 PM) Augustine: Nope, then, one of you all should do it. I don't use Ubuntu, never forget that. If the topic is more general, for instance, productivity, or what is an OS soemthing like that, then no probs.
(10:16:20 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: you choose what you want to speak about
(10:16:28 PM) allan_: we cn do that as the intro to the intro
(10:16:34 PM) trinikrono: i just want volunteers
(10:16:47 PM) Augustine: When someone asks, what version of ubuntu you use at home? What you want me to say? Ubuntu Vista?
(10:17:34 PM) trinikrono: Minenorin1: will you like to give a talk
(10:17:53 PM) allan_: wash that mouth
(10:17:53 PM) Augustine: Start from the basics. A build. What is an OS, what is Windows, some problems with Windows (cost, viruses etc) THEN introduce ubuntu
(10:17:53 PM) Augustine: Advantages of ubuntu....
(10:17:53 PM) Augustine: A Demo.
(10:17:53 PM) Augustine: That's it
(10:17:53 PM) allan_: agreed
(10:17:55 PM) palladin35y: short and sweet
(10:18:05 PM) Augustine: Yup.
(10:18:20 PM) allan_: trinikrono what u talkin bout as our esteemed leader?
(10:18:34 PM) Augustine: One person can give the talk, BUT to make it easy on them, we can all research a specific topic, then join forces
(10:18:44 PM) Minenorin1: hm?
(10:18:47 PM) Augustine: I can handle the OS part.
(10:18:54 PM) trinikrono: allan ubuntu does not work like that
(10:19:10 PM) trinikrono: i dont want this team to be about me alone
(10:19:10 PM) reavengr1y: good guy august!
(10:19:12 PM) Minenorin1: I can't come out this time :(
(10:19:18 PM) Augustine: Someone do the advantages of Ubuntu, someone do Windows, someone do the dempo
(10:19:25 PM) trinikrono: :D
(10:19:31 PM) Minenorin1: I'd love to do one next time though
(10:19:45 PM) trinikrono: Minenorin1: maybe the next week
(10:19:54 PM) trinikrono: depending on how it goes
(10:19:57 PM) Augustine: We meet for 5 organize notes, then let Kurt give the talk.
(10:20:12 PM) trinikrono: oh really
(10:20:18 PM) trinikrono: and if i cant make it
(10:20:31 PM) trinikrono: i wanted you guys to do it
(10:20:38 PM) trinikrono: i will supervise
(10:21:19 PM) allan_: I do a career guidance stint in pres once a yar and find that when one person drones on for an hour it gets dull we can do the install in parallel with the session and have quick things going on in tandem with helpers showing hands on whats available
(10:21:19 PM) kester_: sounds good Augustine.
(10:21:19 PM) Augustine: You can.
(10:21:19 PM) Augustine: Yes, 45 mins sounds good
(10:21:19 PM) Augustine: Allan, can you get a projector?
(10:21:19 PM) Augustine: SIMPLE slides.
(10:21:44 PM) palladin35y: stupesssssss
(10:21:46 PM) Augustine: No, Kurt. You're the leader
(10:22:08 PM) allan_: i have one and a screen can vouch for the time left on bulb
(10:22:09 PM) palladin35y: kurt dont get me started
(10:22:32 PM) trinikrono: o.o
(10:22:32 PM) Augustine: Yea, a projector would be good, SLIDES makes the difference
(10:22:41 PM) Augustine: make*
(10:22:50 PM) allan_: exactly Kurt your input at the very least a welcome to ubuntu is necessary
(10:23:01 PM) Augustine: Kurt, there's no other way, lol.
(10:23:14 PM) palladin35y: i will start to rage
(10:23:39 PM) allan_: KURT Kurt Kurt kurt kurt kurt kurt
(10:23:39 PM) reavengrey [~reavengre@cuscon78423.tstt.net.tt] entered the room.
(10:23:39 PM) Augustine: So, if we agree on the format I introduced, I'll research "What is an OS"
(10:23:39 PM) reavengrey: sprry dc again
(10:24:46 PM) Minenorin1: do you need me to research anything?
(10:24:46 PM) reavengr1y left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
(10:24:47 PM) Augustine: Someone can research Windows, so that we can GROUND the audience's experience in something familiar.
(10:24:47 PM) allan_: talks have to no more than 10 mins
(10:24:47 PM) reavengrey: nice, be sure to include things like difference between os and kernel, and what distros are, etc
(10:24:47 PM) metasansana: ok guys im out
(10:24:47 PM) metasansana: o/
(10:24:48 PM) Augustine: Mineonorini, reseach Windows.
(10:24:54 PM) palladin35y: ok metasansana
(10:24:55 PM) reavengrey: who vplunteers next
(10:25:05 PM) Augustine: Give them a little run down on windows OS
(10:25:10 PM) metasansana left the room (quit: Quit: metasansana).
(10:25:11 PM) Augustine: Since they are familiar with that.
(10:25:17 PM) reavengrey: go go go guys, real man mode
(10:25:18 PM) allan_: so who is in and will be present pls indicate
(10:25:29 PM) Augustine: Allan Do the advantages of UBUNTU!
(10:25:39 PM) reavengrey left the room.
(10:25:42 PM) Minenorin1: ok
(10:25:43 PM) kester_: I'm in and I will certainly be present
(10:25:44 PM) Augustine: And organize the content of the Demo
(10:25:57 PM) reavengrey [~reavengre@cuscon78423.tstt.net.tt] entered the room.
(10:25:59 PM) allan_: no probs and i dont need to research it its a daily ritual
(10:26:02 PM) Augustine: What we'll show, like Word processors, messengers, internet etc
(10:26:10 PM) reavengrey: client bug
(10:26:17 PM) Augustine: Nice, organize the content of the demo
(10:26:20 PM) Minenorin1: So basic windows usage
(10:26:22 PM) Augustine: The stuff people like to see
(10:26:33 PM) Minenorin1: no problemo~
(10:26:42 PM) Augustine: Up, give them a little rundown on windows, windows versions etc.
(10:26:44 PM) allan_: er who organizing the content i has a wok too yuh kno
(10:26:58 PM) Augustine: Have a list of things to show.
(10:27:34 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: just remember that the cafe is in ubuntu you know
(10:27:55 PM) Augustine: LIke Word processors.
(10:27:56 PM) Augustine: Messengers.
(10:27:56 PM) allan_: oh this is your list kewl
(10:27:56 PM) Augustine: Let them know, though it's NOT THAT different from Windows
(10:27:56 PM) Augustine: better yet
(10:28:07 PM) Augustine: A Projector would be GOLDEN!
(10:28:11 PM) Augustine: If we're running a demo
(10:28:17 PM) allan_: all the stuff is in front of them just have nav them to buttons
(10:28:39 PM) allan_: 20 pcs all ubuntu
(10:28:46 PM) allan_: all the time
(10:28:51 PM) Augustine: beautiful! Do we have free Cd's?
(10:28:51 PM) reavengrey: let's not drag in a commitment to slide creation when simple tslking is such a nonstartee
(10:29:13 PM) kester_: I agree with reavengrey
(10:29:16 PM) allan_: will donate 12.04
(10:29:25 PM) Augustine: If we are giving a presentation, there's not other way, but projectors.
(10:29:35 PM) Augustine: Let's do it properly, if we're doing it.
(10:29:40 PM) allan_: who doin this slide show?
(10:29:45 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: you wull have to make the slides then!
(10:29:54 PM) trinikrono: i prefer to talk
(10:30:01 PM) Augustine: It's not anything too advanced, bullet points is enough.
(10:30:11 PM) allan_: with audio and video
(10:31:20 PM) palladin35y: nice
(10:31:20 PM) Augustine: If we're are doing it, let's make the effort.
(10:31:20 PM) Augustine: Why demo Ubuntu on a 17 - 19 inch? When we can demo it on a 42 inch, or whatever.
(10:31:40 PM) reavengrey: we are now approaching the detachment phase when people are going to begin disengaging or losi g enthuisiasam from being in irc so long
(10:32:08 PM) trinikrono: Augustine: we should be able to find a intoduction youtube video
(10:32:14 PM) reavengrey: conclysions, meeting needs to come to solid conclusions soon :)
(10:32:37 PM) palladin35y: next time google+ hangout lol
(10:33:03 PM) trinikrono: palladin35y: we need to keep to what ubuntu developer use you know
(10:33:22 PM) Augustine: IRC is cool.
(10:33:31 PM) reavengrey: so we have, kurt abd augustine volunteering to speak, and i think allan did too?
(10:33:41 PM) trinikrono: i did not volunteer
(10:33:54 PM) trinikrono: my name is not moses lol
(10:34:24 PM) trinikrono: i want to help as i said
(10:34:38 PM) palladin35y: use all the tools dude
(10:34:38 PM) Augustine: Let needs dictate, our tools.
(10:34:38 PM) palladin35y: all the tools
(10:34:38 PM) reavengrey: kk so 2 speakers, august and allan, is this all? if not, please speak up asap people
(10:34:43 PM) Augustine: Reaveng, we don't need to rush.
(10:35:03 PM) palladin35y: i may give an impromptu
(10:35:12 PM) reavengrey: kk, my bad then
(10:36:05 PM) reavengrey: anything else coming to minf?
(10:36:20 PM) Augustine: We don't need an impromptu talk
(10:36:25 PM) allan_: youtube lotsa stph
(10:36:53 PM) palladin35y: ok
(10:36:59 PM) Augustine: It's very simple guys. We don't need Youtube.
(10:38:03 PM) allan_: kurt u talkin an das dat no bamfin
(10:38:03 PM) Augustine: Yea, Kurt talking, no getting away.
(10:38:03 PM) palladin35y: lol roped and hogged tied lol
(10:38:05 PM) Minenorin1: oh dear...
(10:38:18 PM) Minenorin1: haaaa i knew that was coming
(10:38:36 PM) Augustine: So, it's simtple, general introduction, What's an OS, a bit on Windows (familiarity is good) Introduce ubuntu, Advantages of Ubuntu, Demo.
(10:38:40 PM) Augustine: Let's vote on that
(10:38:47 PM) Minenorin1: +1
(10:38:54 PM) allan_: +1
(10:38:59 PM) kester_: +1
(10:39:14 PM) Augustine: +1
(10:39:55 PM) reavengrey: +1
(10:40:21 PM) allan_: hmmmmmmmmmmm oh kuuhrt
(10:40:51 PM) trinikrono: once you doing the ubuntu talk allan_
(10:40:58 PM) trinikrono: i will help :D
(10:41:20 PM) Augustine: Okay KURT will give the talk. I'll research What's an OS.
(10:41:20 PM) Augustine: Minenorini1, research Windows.
(10:41:20 PM) allan_: 5 out 0f 9 say +1
(10:41:20 PM) Augustine: Allan advantages and demo content
(10:41:20 PM) allan_: no probs
(10:41:20 PM) Minenorin1: hai~
(10:41:39 PM) allan_: what u going to sign?
(10:41:41 PM) palladin35y: +1
(10:41:49 PM) Augustine: Let's keep the research short-ish use only salient points.
(10:42:15 PM) allan_: kurt u do the install
(10:42:42 PM) kester_: no one keeping minuted for the meeting?
(10:42:56 PM) allan_: i copied text
(10:43:01 PM) kester_: if not i'll happily document it
(10:43:16 PM) kester_: Meant during the meeting on wednesday
(10:43:16 PM) Augustine: We need the first meeting recorded.
(10:43:36 PM) Augustine: The projector would have helped GREATLY.
(10:43:46 PM) palladin35y: this day a age record it
(10:44:35 PM) kester_: who's recording then?
(10:44:35 PM) allan_: the proj. is available once u do slides
(10:44:35 PM) Augustine: If we get the projector, i'll do the slides, IF I get the info by Monday night, or Tuesday during the day.
(10:44:35 PM) allan_: can run in background
(10:44:48 PM) trinikrono: i want to make a ubuntu forums post here
(10:44:56 PM) trinikrono: #endmeeting