View Full Version : Mupen64Plus Problem w/ Blight's input plugin & keyboard

June 28th, 2012, 06:36 PM
I'm using Mupen64Plus with the Rice Video plugin and Blight's input plugin. Everything works fine except that the control stick and d-pad seem not to work unless bound to the mouse. These are represented in the Blight input config as Y-Axis & X-Axis and D-Pad U,D,L,R.

I've read that the Y- and X-Axes have multiple inputs, for lack of the proper term, to represent 100%, 50% etc. depression of the control stick. Is the plugin maybe lacking a key bind for these and thus the entire "stick" doesn't work? How can I bind these to the keyboard?

I swear, no matter how many N64 controllers I use, it's always that damn little gray stick that breaks first.