View Full Version : [ubuntu] no screen when installing 12.04 AMD64 CD

June 28th, 2012, 12:27 AM
My Rig:

AMD 965 Black CPU at 3.2GHz
120gb OCZ Vertex 3 SSD (yea connected to SATA II controller I know)
ATI chipeset 4350 Video Card wither 512 or 1gtb vram on it
Sata DVD Burner
1.44 Floppy
Gigabyte MD usb2 and sata 2

Been running Ubuntu 10.10 but no more updates. So I got the OCZ Drive (updating from old 250 GB Sata II Drive). Setup AHCI in bios and boot off CD.

So I unhooked the old drive and ran cables to ocz drive. It appears to boot off CD but goes to blank screen and nothing. I tried Ubuntu Mint Linux 13 debian branch, same thing. I re downloaded the new 12.04 AMD 64 CD, no luck. So I grabbed a trial version of W7 Pro, it intalled and ran fine on the OCZ drive.

I have had my eye on an Asrock 870 Extreme MB from newegg for 74 bux but $$$ is tight this month. Wanted to use Sata III for the OCZ Drive and USB 3.

This video card is like 1-2 years old. Why can't ubuntu work on that???

If I can get ubuntu working 1st thing to go is unity and install cinnamon. I'd rather stick with Ubuntu since I have been running v6.06 LTS.

Is there a fix to this besides the ALT Install CD, and is the ALT install 64 bit?