View Full Version : Does the PS3 support the latest PPC build of Ubuntu?

June 23rd, 2012, 06:37 PM
Or does it need a separate build specifically for the Cell?

Why am I even bothering? I have launch Japanese 60 GB PS3 and I have no intentions of using it to play games. I already have Yellow Dog installed on it, but Ubuntu has a bigger community for support.

What are my intentions for using linux on the PS3? It's purely educational. I don't have the money to cash out on a new computer, why not utilize what I already have? Despite its poor performance compared to even my laptop, the PS3 still has has 9 cores at my disposal (2 in PPE and 7 SPEs). The Cell is a SIMD style processor. That's what many super computers are; I better get used to it. Sure, I can use the SSE instructions on my laptop, but PS3 is cool.

TLDR: I'm doing it for the hell of it; mostly to mess around with SIMD processors and learn parallel processing. Or else the PS3 will just sit in the corner and collect dust.