View Full Version : [ubuntu] Duel Monitor Missing Window Title Bar

June 23rd, 2012, 06:25 PM
I have two monitors, my main monitor is using PCIexpress AMD 6800 series card and my secondary monitor is using my onboard chipset which is an AMD 4200 series chip.
I'm using proprietary catalyst drivers, which correctly detects both monitors and set their resolutions and refresh rates appropriately.
The problem is that I can't get them to work properly with Unity (as they work fine with KDE). For example when I choose the Display settings dialogue box only my main monitor shows up and it's marked as "laptop". It's not a laptop :) But that not the real problem, any application I try to run on the secondary monitor will start-up without a window title bar, meaning that the window has no maximise, minimise or close buttons. The file menu is also missing in some applications such as nautilus (which makes it impossible to close via the GUI once it's launched). I also cannot use my keyboard to type anything on my secondary display. However if I open the same document for typing in my main monitor it works fine. My mouse, however, is working fine as it can easily slide between the two displays and all it's buttons seem to work across both displays, although when it's over the secondary display the cursor turns to an "X".
Everything seems to work fine in Kubuntu 12.04 i.e. application windows have title bars, my keyboard works across both displays, and my cursor doesn't change to an "X".
So please could you tell me if you have any idea of what this problem is about, I'd love to get my second display to work with Unity as well as it works with KDE
Thanks :)