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June 23rd, 2012, 11:52 AM
Being new with Ubuntu, I want to install 11.10 on two 1.0TB HDs.
I want to use the alternate install DVD and make 3 partitions on sda:

sda1: 800 GB primary / ext4
sda2: 800 GB logical /ext4 / (Complete filesystem except /home and swap)
sda5: 150 GB logical / ext4
sda6: 150 GB ext 4 (/home)
sda7: 050 GB swap

All space will be completely encrypted, so Ubuntu will create another small boot partition?

The second HD should have only one big partition:
sdb5: 1000 GB / ext4
sdb6: 1000 GB / ext4 (for storage of data)

I want to encrypt sdb5 also.

I want to have all filesystems mounted on booting.
What mountpoint name would be good for sda6? And can the installer write all that in the fstab during installation?

Is it working as I planned it? I am not experienced in partitioning.


June 23rd, 2012, 07:03 PM
First of all I recommend GParted LiveCD (http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php) to manage Disk Partitons.

Ok. You don't need 50GB SWAP, 2-4GB is more than enough. As for /dev/sdb6 I would suggest that you leave it formatted EXT4 without using any mountPoint and it will be Linux DATA partition. You can either mount it manually or automatically at system start.

I have two separate Hard Disks and this is how the partitioning Looks:

sda1- 20GB-ext4 Primary / ubuntu
sda2- 20GB-ext4 Primary / another Distro
sda3- 20GB-ext4 Primary / ubuntu development release
sda4- ? Extended
sda5- ? ext4 Logical DATA
sda6 4GB SWAP

sdb1- 1TB EXT4 Primary DATA

I manually mount my DATA Partition as and when I need them. Also notice I personally don't use /home.

Partitions are a very personal so be wise. There is plenty of information about ENCRYPTION on this forum just search.