View Full Version : [ubuntu] Make gedit to always load Greek windows-1253 encoding

June 14th, 2012, 02:31 PM
):P Hi everyone.
I have Ubuntu 12.04 lts ( new one in Linux)
I notes that when i open a text file which is in Greek language it load it with utf-8 encoding automatically it doesn't load the Greek windows-1253 encoding (which in this case is the encoding of the text file). I have used and KDE Distro of Linux but never had this problem, it autoload the documents encoding...
Dose someone knows how to make any adjustment (probably thrue terminal) in gedit so it autoload the properly encoding ????

(sorry for my English)

P.s. I know that installing the "Kate" will solve the problem but i like gedit why not to fix it other people have this kind of issue!!!