View Full Version : [ubuntu] Visual card problem

June 12th, 2012, 01:33 PM

I'm using ubuntu 11.10 for the last few months and so far everything was ok. I also have windows 7 installed and I'm using Grab for the dual boot (and every time I upgrade to a new version of ubuntu I have a problem with it.. I need to manualy configure the hdd order).
My machine is a dual core 1.6 gh with 2gb ram and an on boared visual card. a couple of years ago I added am nVidia FX card for better visual effect. at the begining I had some problems with the driver but eventually all was solved.
A few days ago I moved my computer to another place and replaced two case fans which were making mostly noise.
On the first day everything was ok, but then on Monday the computer went crazy. when I turn is on I saw the grab screen, I could choose the OS but just before I see the login screen, it fails. in ubuntu the screen just blanks out, in windows I get a blue screen.
I got another visual card (ATI x800 series) and installed it. when I plug the DVI cable I see a blured and jumpy picture and nothing more. when I plug the VGA cable, windows worked but got stuck after 15 min and after I changed the driver it failed I get a blue screen.
Ubuntu does not work. when the boot sequence reach the grub I get on the screen 'Analog out range' messege.
After that happened yesterdaty I removed the visual cards and pluged the VGA cable to the on boared visual card.
Windows works. Ubuntu behave the same as before (out of range).

Two questions:
1. How do I re-configure ubuntu to use the OB card when I cant even log in?
2. Does the problems with both cards indicate a problem in the mother board (maybe in the PCI-Express slot) or is it just that the two cards are defected (I got them both from the system guy at work)?

Thanks in advance!