View Full Version : LPI 1 & 2, Linux + vs RHCSA

June 12th, 2012, 11:37 AM
Hello am looking to do a Linux Certification the game plan is to get an Engineer type Certification. Am taking a modular approach so far there are 3 road maps I have come up with. My interim goal is to read RHCSA or LPI level 2.

plan A : RHCSA > RHCE
plan B LPI 1 > LPI 2 > LPI 3
plan C Linux + > ???

I have more or less set my mind on getting the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator. Looking at the course guide it looks more fluid and simpler that taking lpi 1 & 2 exams and probably that will boost my job prospects better than lpi level 2 cert, simply because RHCSA seems more job focussed.

Can I have some opinions on this and other pathways I maybe should be considering?