View Full Version : [gnome] some problems with gnome

June 12th, 2012, 10:07 AM
I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 and Gnome Shell, and I've got a few problems I haven't managed to fix.

1) Ubuntu came with Empathy, which I tried for an IRC client. Shortly afterwards I removed Empathy and replaced it with Pidgin. Problem is, Empathy is still connecting to the IRC networks I set to it, and sending me notifications about them at startup. I removed some leftover Empathy packages but that didn't help.

2) There's always a warning of low space on a hard drive at startup. It doesn't even go away but sticks on the screen until I press its ignore button. How can I get rid of this notification?

3) A similar thing happens when I leave a DVD in the drive. There's a notification of inserted DVD at startup, although this should only happen when the DVD is inserted. Also, is it possible to add other options to the notification besides run with movie player or eject? Namely, open in Nautilus or something like that.

4) Several programs have a very narrow scrollbar, and an arrow popup that appears when the mouse is moved near the scrollbar. I need to replace this with a regular scrollbar, and get rid of the arrow popup. It's especially troublesome in Eclipse, since it covers the navigation bar.

5) The update manager messes up Alt+Tab navigation. When update manager is open and Alt+Tab is pressed, the current window is focused instead of the next one. In other words, the update manager is on the left in Alt+Tab view, and all program icons are shifted to the right, but the highlight isn't. This doesn't happen every time, though, sometimes the update manager is ordered where it should be. This isn't unique to the update manager, since at least Pidgin can do the same thing.

6) While Banshee or Xscreensaver is active, the screen tends to turn completely blue except for some fifth of the screen from the bottom.

7) When I'm closing programs before shutting down the computer, one or more of three issues tends to happen: unresponsive buttons for already closed programs get stuck in the panel-docklet extension, gnome 3's overview opens by itself for no reason, or the computer becomes completely unresponsive to mouse clicks and keyboard. Cursor still moves though.

8) The notification system tends to hog both keyboard focus and mouse, and no other windows can be interacted with until the notification has gone away. This is an issue with Pidgin messages which can be replied to.

All in all, Gnome 3 seems an unredeemable mess of bugs, and I'll probably try KDE or something next.

PS. I didn't insert that smiley but also didn't bother to try and find a way to get rid of it.