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June 12th, 2012, 09:26 AM
I originally installed ubuntu 12.04 on my hp windows desktop via USB flash drive.
I selected to erase windows after trying the OS for a bit since I was unable to save much info between restarts.

Installation went fine, os ran fine for a bit then i started experiencing crashes one after another. I looked for a lot of help elsewhere and was unable to find any.

I recently switched to xubuntu under the recommendation that it may be my low RAM which was the issue though other ran ubuntu fine. I like this better anyway!

The crashes all started after selecting to install all updates and/or after removing a usb without ejecting (i know). Still not sure which contributed if any, but afterwards I was unable to boot in any mode on my hard drive or the original usb stick- all said something about dns something about badram something like no kernel or unable to load kernel and Oops.

I could get into grub I ran memory test I used to show errors but today I show none.

This is how it starts: after awhile my computer randomly will freeze up. Sometimes if the mouse has not frozen I can wait and it will fix otherwise once the mouse is done I notice it is always unable to come back and I must reboot, after which I get all the errors, black screens etc.

Well today I was trying to boot from a different usb when it failed and like magic my xubuntu that I had been missing for the entire weekend came back and booted fine. I crashed once today and tried to reboot multiple times unable to.

Once I waited for a few hours I was able to start xubuntu as if nothing happened.

I really don't want to be forced off the computer randomly for hours at a time as mostly all my work is done here plus I must stay on top of current news.

Any idea what may cause these crashes, why after awhile I am able to boot again and how I can resolve the issue?

help is MUCH appreciate more than I can say. I am scared constantly of crashing or missing important news/deadlines.

please help!

June 12th, 2012, 05:51 PM
Check if your memory is properly seated in the memory bank of the motherboard. You should also attempt to clean the insides to prevent dust build up and heat accumulation.