View Full Version : [ubuntu] Migrating to new Hardware w/ upgrade

June 11th, 2012, 03:27 AM
OK, I have a new machine upon which I installed Ubuntu (Classic) 11.04 after first installing 10.04 by accident. I have 4 main problems:

1) I have stuff in Almanah diary I would like to transfer over, but I have no idea where its data files are, so I can't copy them over and it has no provision for export.

2)I have stuff from sources like PopCap games that were installed interactively using Wine with custom parameters. I would like to transfer them over, but when I try copying the seemingly corect files in and under .wine they won't execute or even show up i the programs listing under wine.

3) Prism is no longer available. I was getting hooked on using it to access google calendar, which is of a great benefit to me.

4) I got an error message about not having the right hardware for unity, so I set up the login as classic. Will this cause me trouble when I go to upgrade to 12.04?