View Full Version : [all variants] 2500$ build

June 10th, 2012, 04:12 PM

i have received help from almost every forum on the internet with this build. and i have changed out every single piece ATLEAST once. the reason is its a very complicated build for what i plan on doing. ive gotten tired of retyping it all over and over so here are just some highlights

i want to be able to eyefinity BF3 on max settings

i program applications so i need the extra screen real-estate

i plan on running a few small servers

there will be a tripleboot setup with windows 7, hackintosh, and i will change distros of ubuntu regularly

the computer will be mostly for learning purposes. i will be setting up apache servers, digging in the linux kernel, experimenting with small networks.

ive already gotten this approved by the tonymac community for hackintosh, and gotten ingeneral approval on hardware from 2 or 3 other forums. the last item on my checklist is linux. i left it for last because i know how flexible the OS's are.

regardless, i want yalls opinion. the only things to keep in mind are that im gunna use the two ssd for setting up one with windows as a stable system for productivity, and the other will be used to reformat constantly with new tests to run

im going to have 3 dell screens
and im going to remove the bezel

and i really need help. tell me anything you can think about about the build. dont assume that i know anything. i dont want to miss any mistakes. even small ones

im also considering getting an H100 water cooler instead of the fan. im not really sure

thought, comments, suggestions?

(look forward to seeing me more on the forum when i actually get the computer. ive been reading the ubuntu unleashed book by matthew helmke from cover to cover. so im going to be experimenting ALOT. therefor... breaking alot. lol)