View Full Version : [ubuntu] using an old ubuntu-pc as print server for windows

June 10th, 2012, 01:12 PM
I have an old pc powered with tualatin 1.3 ghz which is hardly usable with gui. So I figured that I could build a print server according to what people say who use this. To save resources and not to be tortured by slowness of the computer, I installed minimal ubuntu 12.04 which is available on ubuntu.com if you type "minimal" on it which comes on CUI. Then, by using putty on a windows 7 PC, I managed to install cups, samba and tried to configure cupsd.conf and smb.conf as it was listed on web sites but failled to come to use of the printer on windows pc's. I made it able to configure cups from web explorer of other pc on local network and make the workgroup show up when searching for printers on windows pc's but it only shows it and hostnames of the network but not the printer that I've installed on ubuntu pc using cups. I also tried looking for it by directly typing the address of the printer which comes with ip of the ubuntu computer but it tells me that it can't find it. Testpage is printed finely by using web interface on windows pc's which shows pictures of ubuntu cd figures with various colors, so it's not the problem of the printer ifself. The only easy way shown most frequently on the web was configuring the system setup by using GUI which is not affordable due to lack of resources. I tried to follow the few left command line guides but they were always slightly different from the files I was using that I became unsure what I should be doing. Has anyone idea how I can make it happen to show up the printer on windows pc's?