View Full Version : [ubuntu] LG E500 L.AP55P battery support absent/drains too fast

June 9th, 2012, 01:58 AM
Hi there,

My laptop LG E500 L.AP55P, going on ~5 years now, and is doing remarkably fine, apart from the battery stuff.

The battery indicator is broken most of the time. Sometimes I get the actual indication of the time remaining, but the majority of the time it reads a charge cycle, although the power is not plugged in, or states 0% battery. This last scenario is intringuing, since there is a LED lighting red whenever the battery is almost dead and the laptop shuts down, but it never shuts down when it's only the indicator reading 0% battery.

A year ago or so, some guy who had the same laptop told me to edit some strings at the BIOS using the Hirens Boot CD and their awarded application. The manufacturer's and laptop string were to change from LG Electronics to Micro-Star Corporation, and the indicator started to do just fine.

However, a 2~3hours battery life suddendly dropped to 1~1.5h. In the meanwhile that battery is dead, and I purchased a 7600 mAh instead of the original 4600mAh. And I'm still far away from the 2~3h of the original battery.

Is there a way I can get good battery life and proper indication without any tradeoff, or at least an optimum one?

Thank you for reading it to the end. I would enjoy some hint here.