View Full Version : [ubuntu] "fun" with DVD and an HP laptop

June 8th, 2012, 11:48 PM

Brief: Where the fsck did my /dev/scd **** off to?!?

Less Brief: I have an HP Pavilion dv9000; dvd-rw lightscribe drive used to work just fine. I swear it did. Like, I'm sure I've used it to burn discs. Although, it's gotten to where it hasn't worked in so long that I'm starting to doubt myself. BUT I know I used discs to install ubuntu on this box, so, HA!

Anyway, somewhere along the line it stopped. Wish I could say, but I'm not sure when. Alas, I don't think I have any bootable CDs hanging around to test, but I'm pretty sure it's all good on the connection end of things. It's been taken out, but I was wicked careful putting it back in, and it's connected enough that it has juice, 'cause, like, it does its thing when you open and close it. It just doesn't WORK. Trying to mount it via the GUI gives me a complaint that /dev/scd0 no existy. :-\ 'ls /dev' confirms this.

lshw doesn't show any hints either.

The screwey thing is that this machine has another piece of hardware, the stupid webcam, that also _used_to_ work, but also no longer "exists."

I suppose it's possible I'm experiencing some more fundamental HW issues than it looks like, but I'd like to rule out the software end, if anyone can help me do so.

My Linux Kung-Fu is wicked rusty :( Also, "foxtrot echo charlie kilo" isn't a swear, thankyouverymuch, censor script.