View Full Version : [ubuntu] 12.04 problems on desktop

June 7th, 2012, 02:46 PM
-I tried to install 12.04 on a dual boot with windoze XP,
it installed, showed all those preview screens and rebooted.
-Logged in no problem, then came to a desktop with wallpaper, and thats it... (no grub menu tho)
-no response to keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-alt-T)
-then computer screen cleared to a black screen, but still had mouse pointer and could move it but left & right buttons were useless. At this point i could ctrl-alt-F7 and get to previous screen with same results
-No grub....edited /etc/default/grub as shown in a howto here, but to no avail
-On a different boot, it said compiz crashed so I booted into the USB again and mounted the sda7 (linux) partition, chroot /mnt /bin/bash, and used sudo apt-get intall compiz (or whatever it was, was compiz something, i think)
-Anyway, I dl'd the "alternate" iso, pendrive'd it...and it ran me thru some different screens but to ultimately the same outcome
-AMD Phenom Triple Core
-nvidia graphics...will get more specific when i get home