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June 7th, 2012, 01:32 PM
OK... much of this will come off as a rant, but it isn't meant this way... this is request for usable information, and perhaps could be interpreted as a plea for sanity.

And, to be fair, I have the much feared, yet often shared habit of talking on way too long. (tl;dr disclaimer)

I will start it off by saying that I hate Unity.

It will be a great design when we all stop using real computers, and just live off of tablets to surf the net... but that day isn't today.

Unity is really *not* a solid environment in a desktop/laptop environment; the Unity launcher quickly becomes oversaturated with programs, causing one to have to scroll through every program on it to find the one icon you need, and the alternative, Unity's replacement for a menu system, is just as horrific - causing you to have to search all your files like you were living on Google's servers.

This will be great when we really only use a few programs to get by, then you can just click on the right icon and go... or if you have 1,000,000 files stored away, then you just type in a few keywords and go.

But that isn't how I live.I am a developer, and have probably 12 programs just for development... much less the Libre Office Suite, 4 web browsers, my inkscape/gimp/blender combo, plus all my 'connectivity' software (skype, gwibber, etc.), plus all my files.

I have *far* too many programs that I have immediate need of (plus all of the resulting files) for Untiy to be anything but a train wreck for me... while I was still on Unity (yes, I tried), I tossed in Cairo Dock, and found it far more usable than all the rest of the GUI put together.

Luckily, we have had a design solution for this very issue ever since Windows 3.1... its called a 'menu', and often comes with a 'takbar/panel' and several handy notification icons to let you know how the battery is doing, etc. It all fits snugly across the top (or wherever) without hogging any real screen space.

Say what you want about microsoft and their business practices; they got this much right... in fact, they got it right enough that both Gnome and KDE followed suit.

So I switched back to gnome.

Then Gnome went crazy.

Look, we have been moving backwards... Gnome 1 had numerous customization options that simply stopped existing in Gnome2... and Gnome3? See everyone else's rants (pretty much everywhere). WHY ARE WE LOSING FEATURES? WHERE IS MY COMPIZ?

KDE seems to be going the exact same direction, just a bit more slowly.

So there are really 2 questions buried in here, for anyone that made it this far...

#1) This is a real question... it *is* a rant, but I really want an answer to this.

Why the hell are we going backwards?

Windows keeps moving forward, adding features to their OS as they advance through the years, even their tablet-centric Windows 8 is highly usable, and adds features for the laptop/desktop crowd over Windows 7.

We have lost features from every step down from Gnome1. KDE is losing features as they 'mature'. Customization, the holy grail of Linux, is being abandoned on all fronts.

Don't get me wrong, I *love* eye candy; I am still looking for a solid, stable way to properly skin my login screen (like we used to be able to do in Gnome 1 - [yes... tried LightDM, but keeps dumping me out rather than onto desktop - no clue why])... and there is no better source of converts from windows than to show them some Linux bling.

...But I actually *USE* compiz.

The easiest, quickest, and best way to organize *my* worklflow? Use compiz cube (although, mine is spherical). Best way to move work from one flow into the other? Expo. And don't even get me started about using Trail Focus to keep my mind on task. The list goes on. I like eye candy, but this eye candy isn't just pretty; it works.

Yet, Gnome3 and Cinamon both throw compiz straight out the window. Gnome3 went farther, and screwed up my desktops and menu systems.

If this continues, we will end up with an OS that is less friendly *and* less configurable than windows.

2) I can't believe that I am alone out there 'raging against the dying of the light'... what do we use? What is the right combination of stuff to throw together to have a usable, up to date system?

I prefer a gnomish desktop (obviously), and use the heck out of every option I can find on compiz.

I am currently using a highly reconfigured version of Pinguy 11.04 (the last version before they, too, abandoned Gnome2)

Gnome 2 + Ubuntu fixes + Mint Menu + Cairo-Dock + Compiz + Yakuake... sounds cluttered, but each and every thing disappears when I am not using it (except Conky), so I end up with a very clean desktop, and everything stays organized and ready at my fingertips.

But this is aging. Development for most of this stuff has been abandoned, or is being forcibly made incompatible with everything that is still under active development.

I am taking a look at Mate now, but not sure how it will stack up in the long haul... much less how much of my stuff is going to break by making the switch (like, will all my custom nautilus scripts pull over and work in Caja?)

Guess I'm really just feeling a bit disappointed, and looking around for another port in this storm (and an explanation for why the F*%# this is happening in the first place).

Sorry for the rant...


June 7th, 2012, 01:37 PM
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