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June 5th, 2012, 05:11 PM
Hi! I have a Canon MX882 printer networked on my router on a wired Ethernet connection.

A PC (running Ubuntu) which also has a wired connection to the same router is able to print to it just fine. But I can't get PCs (running Ubuntu or Linux Mint) with a wireless connection to the same router to connect to the printer. They don't find it automatically when I try to add the printer. As an alternative, they ask for the URI for the printer. How do I find that?

The Printer Properties settings on the wired PC say the URI is 'cnijnet:/00-1E-8F-F7-C8-1D'. But if I try to set that up on a wireless connected PC, it isn't accepted.(Error message: CUPS Server Error. There was an error during the CUPS operation:'client-error-not-possible')

The printer itself has an IP address of on my network, but that address isn't accepted either.
The device URI is supposed to be something like 'ipp://printer.mydomain/ipp' but how do you find or set that?