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June 5th, 2012, 04:49 PM
Perhaps programming may not be the right category, but... Since I can't find a better category, here it goes.

I am trying to find a good (free) template maker for Joomla (or wordpress).

I need a template that looks like a real estate or classifieds site, but only certain groups could see the "ads". Right now I am trying some type of HTML, Joomla, PHPBB mix, but it will just look too unprofessional.
No templates out there are what I need. Not even the commercial versions. And, my budget for this is $0.00

I don't care if the program will run on Linux or Windows. I just need an advanced editor/template maker that I could use for my site's needs.

Here are a couple of examples of what I need (but with user groups, some being able to access certain "ads", others only being able to see their own "ad")

http://www.realtor.ca/map.aspx?&vs=VEResidential&beds=0-0&baths=0-0&minp=0&maxp=0&area=Toronto&trt=2#acr:false;ac:false;baths:0-0;beds:0-0;fp:false;gar:false;pmin:1000000;pmax:0;rmin:0;rm ax:0;openh:false;pool:false;stories:0-0;buildingstyle:-1;buildingtypeid:;viewtypeid:;waterfront:false;for sale:true;forrent:false;orderBy:A;sortBy:1;LisStar tDate:;mapZ:15;page:1;mapC:43.640951290894264, -79.3955969810486;curView:0;curStyle:r;leftMin:fals e;rightMin:false;chkSchl:false;chkTran:false;chkPo l:false;chkMed:false;chkWrk:false;chkFire:false;ch kAll:false
With or without the map view. Gallery or thumbnail views are fine.


June 8th, 2012, 10:06 AM
Doesn't Joomla and Wordpress have several templates and themes available by default (or if not by default, easily downloadable from their respective websites)?