View Full Version : Whats wrong with Marketing & what can I/we do about it

June 3rd, 2012, 02:15 PM
Hello there too all and hope that you are having a wonderful day. Today I am here to take up arms about what is wrong in the linux and more so in the Ubuntu/Canonical marketing schemes

I have been around the Ubuntu Community for about a year and a half now. And I have seen some pretty crazy things go down. But none is more crazy and baffling to me then the marketing stages that happening as we talk.

Currently almost all Loco team's have gathering once a month. to talk about linux and what not. I have attend these meetings and have had a great time in doing so. Great people great learning templates ect.

This is a cool thing IMHO that people are getting together from all over the world.

I love my LoCo team and also all the things that they do.

Canonical Great company can not say how awesome this company is. Most company's like canonical in today's world would be in so many law suits if they where not who they are. My hat goes off.

Some things that bother me.

Trade show: in the most part linux trade shows. I hate to think that there are Loco members and other high seated people going to these conventions and having Ubuntu booth's and table. What is wrong with these people ? I mean dont they know that the people that are going to these conventions Know about Ubuntu ?
and if they do not they will see it there. Because Ubuntu Rocks and there are some many awesome Linux user that are using Ubuntu on there computer. Put it this way.

seeing Ubuntu at a linux fest/con is like seeing a cow at a dairy farm

I mean These is one of the biggest wastes of resources that I see in today's marketing system that has kinda opened itself on the opensource scene

This is what I think Linux con/fests are good for,for Ubuntu.

New products. pushing and gathering sponsors and clients For New Products. Right now the only thing that falls here is Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu Phone and other Unity based things. But the only case that I see someone being there is for marketing and not socializing.IMHO I think that Canonical Does a great job of this and Loco should not do these things. I mean you can only un-vale something so many times. and also, Lets pick the Right Places. I feel as thou Canonical is doing a great Job on this art/part and Loco just need to step back and let them handle it.

Money that is being used on overly crazy things.

I can not talk about this enough.. Do we really need 15 pizza's and 10 bottles of pop and 100 tee-shirts and 200 plastic cups, plates,napkins. Now don't get me wrong I am from New York and Love my pizza. But would this money be better spent on marketing tools ? IDK hire outside sources to do Drives for you if you do not think that your loco team can handle this on there own? Get public commercial on the air about your loco ? What about a billboard ? What about hiring a seo company? newspapers (NOT ABOUT LINUX) and other media sources That are not about Linux in any way.

example: I was at my last local barcamp/fest (which was awesome)
But dude was still handing out free shirts from 3 barcamps ago because not enough people had taken in previous years.

So all in all. Are there things that you see that are wrong with the marketing picture that Ubuntu community and or canonical is using. I would love to hear anything. Thanks for your time. and don't take this to heart I am not talking to You directly I am just talking about a subject. Thanks again for your time and I hope that we can all learn from this thread.