View Full Version : need advice on setting up emails of 2 domains with Google Apps/Gmail

June 2nd, 2012, 08:33 AM
Hi, everyone .

We need to get advice from people as we're not sure what's the best route to take.

Some background.

We purchased a domain that is like MyVeryFirstWebsiteEver.com. We set up the MX servers so that it points to Google Apps/Gmail servers (or something like that). The effect is that we go to mail.MyVeryFirstWebsiteEver.com and after putting in my username and password, we see our email in Gmail (google apps). We love it.

But then yesterday, we bought a shorter domain: MVFWE.com. Now, our domain company, GoDaddy, is able to forward emails in this way:
info@mvfwe.com goes to info@MyVeryFirstWebsiteEver.com
help@mvfwe.com goes to help@MyVeryFirstWebsiteEver.com
We can also set up a catchall address for all other ___@mvfwe.com addresses.

That is one option.

The other option is that we point the mvfwe.com's MX servers to Google APps/Gmail.

We're not sure which is the better option and would love to hear from those with experience and knowledge. Thanks.