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May 31st, 2012, 10:56 PM
Hi Gud day,

I would like to ask about if someone out here use an optimus technology laptop install the bumblebee package to enable to use the nvidia graphics card.

I just wondering on my optimus laptop which i install the latest ubuntu dist. which is 12.04 precise and update to kernel as of this date is 3.2.0-24.
Im using lucyd and bumblebee to access my paid graphics nvidia card. Before no bumblebee package install i can't use google-earth
or so called webgl on a browser. In my understanding the intel card can't handle high end application that required a high end card which is the purpose of the
nvidia. with bumblebee installed google-earth and webgl is a piece of cake. an any application that required extensive graphics. Now im confused since the default
installation of the precise 12.04 as of 2012-06-01, the google earth and webgl works fine, so does it mean the default install driver can used the nvidia or access the nvidia card.

1. I never found nvidia module/driver loaded when i run google-earth not like the bumblebee "optirun <apps>" so therefore what driver is the apps using?
2. Does the nouveau driver can access or used the nvidia card ( nouveau driver is opensource driver for nvidia right )
3. On the nouveau official website, its states that Optirun technology is not implemented yet. then maybe im wrong thinking nouveau driver is using the nvidia card?

Thanks And Best Regards.

June 12th, 2012, 10:11 AM
When you have got it running by using optirun (command), do this in the terminal


and you will see something like:- configuration: driver=nvidia or nouveau