View Full Version : [ubuntu] ati drivers problem

May 31st, 2012, 12:48 PM
hey all!

I'm having a problem with my graphics driver. I'm new to linux/ubuntu so I still have much to learn so hopefully somebody can help me.
I have a HTPC with a Radeon 2600HD connected to a HDTV with a dvi to hdmi cable.
When I use the open source drivers that come with ubuntu all is good except when I start up XBMC it's really slow. So I installed The ATI drivers from the site and when it reboots, my screen is smaller and at the screen options menu it recognizes my screen as a laptop screen. but xmbc isn't slow anymore so my guess is its only using hardware acceleration when the ati drivers are installed. I rather use the open source drivers with hardware acceleration if possible.
anyone who can help me out?



Nevermind. I purchased an Nvidia card and its working flawlessly