View Full Version : [ubuntu] Automate program configuration after installation

May 30th, 2012, 10:06 PM
Hi, I often find myself installing Ubuntu and was wondering if there was any ways to help automate the process of configuring apps after installation.

I dont mean a way to create a HDD image or a customized/automated DVD disk for mass installations (like what I believe remastersys does). But a way to set basic config settings even if the version has changed

I.e I install the latest Ubuntu - easy not much human intervention required.
Then I install the latest version of programs - easy - lots of 'apt-get installs' etc in a script.
But then I spend forever doing things like...
In Nautulis: Menu > Edit > Preferences > Views > DefaultView = List etc

E.g. is there a tool that can capture GUI menu selections and clicks so you can re-run on subsequent installations? Maybe I'm asking too much. Just wondering.