View Full Version : [ubuntu] Asus m51Ta duel gpu problem

May 29th, 2012, 08:44 PM
Hi eveyone,

I have Asus m51Ta laptop, running ubuntu 12.04. LTS. It has ATI mobility radeon 3200 and mobility radeon HD 3650 gpu's. I want to connect to a hdmi monitor but my 3650 gpu is not working, system sees only 3200 wich does not suport hdmi. I have previusly installed ati drivers for linux, catalyst control center. Catalyst shows no information of the 3650 gpu, and when i try to switch gpu's asks for a restart that hangs the system. Also every restart fails after ATI drivers are installed :confused: On win 7 my 3650 gpu and hdmi work well. Also i dont need the ability to switch gpu's, i only need 3650 since i never use my laptop on batery (died) so there must be a way to force it. On win 7 everything works well. I'm new to ubuntu/linux and want to learn it and switch to it, so every help and idea wold be helpfull. Tnx in advance.