View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cricket 3G Modem is not staying connected

Samwise Gamgee
May 29th, 2012, 05:20 PM
I have a setup with a Cricket 3G modem and a WNNDA3100v2 Netgear wireless adapter to connect to Xbox LIVE on my xbox. Everything works fine for a few hours, then my xbox disconnects and my computer isnt connected to the modem anymore. After that I can't usually get Ubuntu to find the modem unless I enter "sudo service network-manager restart" into the terminal. Is there a way to fix this and would it be because of a timeout. If it makes a difference I have turned off the lock screen thing in sytem settings and I have been following online tutorials to get my network working, recently just fixed the interfaces file to be able to connect to ethernet (i had changed it and needed to reset it to default), and I am running 12.06 off a flash drive. I am a bit of a noob to Ubuntu (I started around a few months ago).