View Full Version : Need help with compiling Q.U.E.S.T

May 25th, 2012, 04:55 AM
I just started doing a simulation project that requires me to use the following package. QUEST DQMC PACKAGE: http://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/~bai/QUEST_public/

I followed the given manual up to the :
and it was unresponsive, so I assumed something went wrong on the way.

So here were the steps I did:
1. attempting to configure /QUEST/make.inc
- FC = gfortran
- FC_FLAGS = -O0 -c
- HOME = /home/admin/QUEST
- LIBHOME = /home/admin/LAPACK
- BLASLIB = /home/admin/LAPACK/librefblas.a
- LAPACKLIB = /home/admin/LAPACK/liblapack.a
- DQMCLIB = /home/admin/QUEST/libdqmc.a
2. attempting to 'make', which would then produce "libdqmc.a" under QUEST folder:
3. attempting to 'verify'
under QUEST
make example
(now here's where I noticed the problem. there is supposed to have a "verify.out" file under /QUEST/EXAMPLE/verify, but all I got was just "verify")

Then I noticed again, I might be building the wrong libdqmc.a in the first place.
So I was wondering if someone could help me? By following the manual (not mine) to see if we get the same libdqmc.a, mine has a size of 294532.

Of course I would be really grateful if we can go steps by steps, because I'm really wrecking my brain over the initial steps of this package D:

A linux newbie seeking help.