View Full Version : [ubuntu] Bad performance with Intel 945

May 24th, 2012, 12:44 PM
Hi all,

I am having some issues when using Precise in a quite old laptop.
The laptop specs are:

Intel Core Duo 1.6Ghz
3GB DDR2-667
Intel 945GM Chipset

I remember using Ubuntu on it previously (some years ago, don't remember exactly which version), and it worked perfectly. Then I bought a new laptop and this old one was used by other person with Windows 7, also running very well.

But when using Ubuntu Precise, don't know if is related to Compiz, Unity or whatever, it is really slow. It takes a long time to pass from LightDM to Unity, and Unity itself seems pretty slow. Animations are sluggish and dash takes a long time to appear, so do their icons when searching.

I tried to search anything about this, I think is something related to the VGA or the chipset. I already ran Memtest and some HDD tests, everything is 100% functional on the laptop (the hard disk was just replaced by a new one, by the way).

Did someone already experience something like this or know how can I trace the source of the slowness? "top" doesn't show anything with unusual CPU usage.