View Full Version : Newsletter or list of package updates?

June 17th, 2006, 05:27 PM
Since dapper is released now, updates are not expected that often. It would be nice if either update manager or a news letter showed us what was changed during the last update If this functionality already exists somewhere that shows the last changelog entry or a brief description of the change, please post it here.

I found apt-listchanges, but that doesn't work for packages already installed on the system, and regular users may want to know why their system is being updated, but not have to open a shell and locate the changelog.

Anyone have any ideas, comments etc? What spawned this is yesterday printing magically stopped working, but then I did see an update come up for libgnomeprint2.2-0, but was unable to find what was changed (was my bug fixed) and the change log had not been updated since 2005.