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May 20th, 2012, 02:29 PM

I am trying to compile and install openobex source. I am new to this (Both to the obex and cmake way of compilation). My intention is to add some logs and debug obex-client (ubuntu 10.04 has it in /usr/lib/obexd/obex-client).

I got the sources from openobex git. Then I followed the compilation steps provided in INSTALL.txt. I am able to compile it successfully.
(With the exception that in order to compile successfully, I had to replace bt_addr_t* to void* at a few places in lib/obex.c other wise I was getting some syntax errors. Hope this won't harm).

Now to install it the instructions are:
3 Installation

Then you can install the files by running the "install" make target.
When using CMake, the "package" make target will create a compressed tarball with the binaries.

I ran "install <path to my cmake binary> <target-name>" and it's creating a binary with the given target-name. Though I am not sure what this binary is.
Also libopenobex.so.1.6 is getting created in openobex/mainline/build/lib directory.

Query1: How can I make obex-client binary that ubuntu 10.04 is using in /usr/lib/obexd/

Query2: What is this binary that I got? I mean, is it the obex-client binary? Am I trying to create the final binary correctly?