View Full Version : [ubuntu] epson 585 printing stopped after upgrade to 12.04

phil smart
May 17th, 2012, 08:43 AM
Hi Guys could do with some help on this one!

My system is 12.04 AMD64

I use my epson rx 585 to print Cd labels direct to the cd tray from the software Glabels

When selecting to print "direct to the cd tray" the printer hangs and the job stays in the queue saying "processing" the job size is about 33000
which seems about right

initially after upgrade to 12.04 all jobs on this printer (paper and CD) were shown as "stopped" in the queue. i got paper jobs working by changing the cups driver from "gutenprint5.2.8 en" to Any other driver then changing again back to the original gunterprint 5.2.8

although paper jobs are ok No such luck with the "direct to Cd"

I also run Mint 12 and that works ok ( one generation behind Ubuntu?) for ALL jobs Mint uses gutenprint 5.2.7

Thanks for any suggestions, really frustrating to have to reboot into Mint to print!!