View Full Version : [ubuntu] regression: page fault in 12.04 using wine 1.4 that worked in 11.10

May 13th, 2012, 07:06 PM
A page fault happens about 2/3 times when the coinmanage2 program is run. I had been running it without a problem in Wine 1.4 release canidate under Ubuntu 11.10 (64 bit). After upgrading Ubuntu to 12.04, using Wine 1.4 I am getting intermittent page faults. I removed the .wine directory reloaded the program using WINEARCH=win32 and run it with the same env variable and still get the problem. The link to the problem program is https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/CoinMng2.exe

The attachment has the backtrace of the problem.
Thanks kurtRR