View Full Version : [SOLVED] Setting up remote printer

May 9th, 2012, 02:55 AM
We have several Ubuntu computers in our house: Ubuntu 8.10, Ubuntu 11.10, Linux Mint 11 (an Ubuntu derivative), and Ubuntu Studio 11.04. The Ubuntu Studio 11.04 computer and the Linux Mint computer each have a printer attached via USB. The Ubuntu Studio computer has found and printed to the printer attached to the Linux Mint computer, and vise versa. But the two other computers (Ubuntu 8.10 and Ubuntu 11.10) can't print to either of those printers. I go through the supposed steps to add the remote printers and yet after the dialog is complete the printers are marked as local printers and thus the error that they are not connected. I follow the very same process as with the two situations that work, yet they are marked as local printers. Note that the problem occurs through 4 different versions of Ubuntu. (Side note, I have Virtual Box on this Ubuntu Studio computer with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed as a guest. I'm going to try to set up a remote printer from there to my host computer just for fun and to see if it works.) What am I missing here?