View Full Version : [ubuntu] LiveUSB won't boot

May 8th, 2012, 09:57 PM
I had an 11.04 liveUSB, and it booted with 4 hard drives in the system, but not 5. The regular install worked fine.
Now I have a 12.04 liveUSB (usb-creator-gtk + default 12.04 iso), and it won't boot with all the drives connected. I can leave a drive or two out of my raid as I do a fresh install... this is pretty much a bug report, and a curiosity, because by the time I check for replies, I'll have already finished this thing the hard way.
AFAIK this might have something to do with AHCI, and the notion that I read somewhere maybe that (with this mobo) the first 4 drives are visible to a dumb o/s, and anything beyond that requires certain support from the o/s...